UPDATE 12/04/21: We are delighted to announce that we are are now open again! The Covid rules below still apply, so please be careful when at the studio and follow social distancing advice. Please get in touch to book your session.

Covid-19 and EMS: Our Approach

At EMS Fitness Norwich, there’s nothing more important to us than the health of our clients and trainers. We’re taking a range of measures to ensure that we’re complying with the current guidelines and in many cases going further to ensure we create a safe environment to train in.

As you know, the situation is changing frequently. We’ll keep you up to date with all the latest developments right here and on our social media channels.


What we’re offering

Under the new guidelines in Norwich, EMS is delighted to have re-opened the doors of its studio. We know people have different comfort levels as we all adjust to the new guidelines, so we’re now offering a range of different services. Pick whichever suits you best:

One to one sessions

Personal training sessions at our boutique studio

There’s plenty of space at our new gym location, so you’ll be able to keep safe during your one on one session with one of our personal trainers. You may be sharing the building with other people, but we’ve got plenty of space and equipment for everybody to use and stay apart from each other, and our trainers will be on hand to ensure everybody stays safe.

We’ve got extensive cleaning measures in place to keep you safe while you train – find out more about these below.

Get in touch to book your session.

Electrical Muscle Stimulation (EMS) sessions at our boutique studio

EMS is a “hands free” training method, meaning it’s just you and one trainer with no equipment needed. It’s a 20 minute full body workout, using the safe and tested EMS machine and bodyweight exercises! At our new location, we’ve got a private EMS room, so it’ll just be you and your trainer in the room.

You’ll need to get changed into an EMS suit for this exercise – we’re regularly cleaning our changing rooms. Find out about our cleaning measures below.

Get in touch to book your session.

Remote personal training sessions via Zoom

Train wherever is convenient for you

We’re still offering some PT sessions online, too. If you’re not comfortable coming into the studio, we’re continuing to offer our PT sessions online via Zoom as we have been for the last few months.

Contact us to book online sessions.

Group classes

Our group classes are returning to the studio

Train together in our new studio safely

We’re delighted to say we’re now able to re-open our group classes. We’ll be ensuring a safe number of people attend each class, and our new location means we’ve got lots more space for everybody to train without getting too close.

Check the classes page on our site for details of the current schedule.

Home workouts from our blog

Train whenever you want with Xavi’s workouts

We’ve also uploaded a ton of home workouts for you so you can get a head start on coming back to training.

Check them out over on our blog.

New Studio Guidelines

To help keep everyone safe while training at the EMS studio, we’ve created some new guidelines for you to follow.

  • If you’re waiting for your session to start, please wait either outside or in the smaller EMS studio area to the right hand side of the entrance – please don’t wait in the lobby.
  • There will only be 1 personal trainer and 1 client in the studio (or 2 clients if they are part of the same household).
  • Upon entering the studio, please use the hand sanitiser provided on the table in the entrance. If it has run out or is running low, please inform the personal trainer who will replenish it.
  • The studio will be deep cleaned regularly, and we will try to keep the doors open to maintain air flow.
  • Please maintain social distancing by remaining 1 metre minimum away from your PT.
  • Unfortunately the shower is out of use until further notice, but you can still use the changing room and the toilet.
  • Please use paper towels to dry your hands after visiting the toilet and dispose of them.
  • We are not using the boxing gloves in the studio until further notice, but if you want to exercise with boxing, please bring your own gloves.
  • So as not to cut short your training session, please help your personal trainer sanitise the equipment at the end of the session. Or, start your session by warming up on a cardio machine while the PT is wiping the equipment.
  • Please give us any feedback or suggest other changes you feel are necessary to maintain a healthy and clean training environment.

Our COVID-19 measures

We’re deep cleaning the entire studio even more regularly than before. We’ve also created these new measures to make sure the studio is kept as clean as possible and to keep everybody safe.

  1. Personal hygiene

    Washing your hands regularly is one of the most effective things you can do to stop the spread of COVID-19. With that in mind, we are asking all our clients to wash their hands upon entering and leaving the studio.

  2. Cleaning equipment

    We have already increased the amount of times the cleaners are visiting the studio to clean the floors and deep clean the equipment. We are ensuring that all the equipment is disinfected after every client has used it. Please help us to clean the equipment after use – disinfectant spray is readily available.

  3. Please use common sense if you feel unwell

    As with any illness, we advise any client who is feeling unwell not to enter the premise. You should follow the recommended government guidelines on self-isolation.If you have developed a new cough, a high temperature or shortness of breath, please contact us to cancel your training session and to reschedule it for a later date.We are currently waiving the 24 hour cancellation policy if you suddenly feel unwell — just contact us as soon as you begin feeling unwell.Use rest as a method of recovery. Your training sessions will not be lost if you have to self isolate for a period of time — all sessions that you don’t use can be taken in future months.

  4. Our personal trainers

    All the personal trainers at EMS Fitness Norwich will inform their clients if they are feeling unwell and we aim to reschedule any sessions with other personal trainers to avoid unnecessary disruption to training programmes.

  5. Our goal is to keep your training rhythm!

    We appreciate there is a lot of uncertainty at the moment, but we are here to help you stay fit, both mentally and physically! We would not class our studio as a typical gym which has hundreds of members and is often to the general public.Now, more than ever, is the time to look after your health. Follow the government guidance to eat healthily, drink plenty of water and exercise regularly.We hope this gives you some clarity on our approach during this situation. Please get in touch if you’d like to discuss any of these measures, or to book your training session with EMS Fitness.