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Your Ultimate Fitness Challenge!

DEKA in Norwich at EMS: Hybrid Training for All Levels!

Welcome to EMS Fitness Norwich, the proud sole host of DEKA in Norwich – the ultimate fitness challenge designed for all. Originating from the creators of the Spartan Race, DEKA is not just a competition; it’s a celebration of fitness for individuals at every level.

Discover DEKA at its heart, DEKA is the decathlon of modern fitness, featuring 10 unique DEKA Zones. Each zone tests essential functional skills such as lifting, carrying, pushing, pulling, and basic forms of transportation like rowing, ski and cycling. This approach creates a well-rounded functional fitness test accessible to everyone, from recreational to seasoned athletes.

DEKA Events at EMS Fitness Norwich: Our affiliated gym is thrilled to host two distinct DEKA formats. DEKA STRONG is a rigorous fitness test encompassing 10 DEKA Zones of fundamental functional movements, perfect for those who wish to focus on strength and endurance without the component of running. Meanwhile, DEKA MILE uniquely combines these DEKA Zones with 160-meter running intervals between each, culminating in a total of a 1-mile run, offering a balanced challenge of running and functional fitness. Both events provide members and non-members a fantastic opportunity to test their abilities and establish new fitness benchmarks.

Why Join Us? Embark on an invigorating fitness journey with DEKA at EMS Fitness Norwich. Our comprehensive programme includes specialized DEKA classes, tailored DEKA personal training, and targeted performance nutrition, all designed to optimally prepare you for DEKA STRONG, DEKA MILE and DEKA FIT challenges. Join our supportive community that thrives on camaraderie and collective growth, and let our experts in sports science and nutrition guide you towards your personal bests. Joining our events creates a powerful training goal, boosting your motivation and consistency. Start with us, and every step you take will be towards becoming your strongest self.

EMS Fitness Norwich are proud to be the sole host of DEKA in Norwich.

Comprehensive DEKA Preparation

EMS Fitness Norwich - DEKA Classes

DEKA Classes

Explore the multifaceted world of hybrid training with our DEKA classes at EMS Fitness Norwich. These classes are designed not just to prepare you for DEKA events, but to revolutionize your approach to fitness. By combining strength work, functional fitness, cardio, and endurance, our classes offer a diverse and effective training regimen. You’ll learn correct techniques for DEKA exercises, engage in simulations, and take on DEKA-specific challenges, all within a dynamic and supportive environment.

Monday Class at 7:30pm

Wednesday Class at 6am

Saturday Class at 8:50am

Ideal for anyone seeking a holistic approach to fitness, our classes ensure you’re well-rounded in every aspect of physical training. Join us for a unique journey that blends various training methods, fostering both fun and serious fitness development.

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EMS Fitness Norwich - DEKA Personal Training

Personal DEKA Training

Elevate your DEKA prowess with our custom personal training designed for the unique demands of DEKA’s ten stations. Our experienced trainers, deeply knowledgeable in DEKA disciplines and with a strong foundation in sports science, develop training plans meticulously tailored to enhance your strengths and improve your weaknesses.

Strength Preparation: We specialize in strength and conditioning essential for DEKA’s varied challenges. Our approach is to fortify your capability in key areas like lifting, carrying, and dynamic movements critical for success in each DEKA zone. From enhancing your rowing power to boosting your ability in sled push and pull, our training is about making you robust and resilient for every test DEKA offers.

Specialized Run Training: Given DEKA’s blend of functional challenges with running, endurance is key. We’ll refine your running technique and endurance for the 160m runs in DEKA MILE or the 500m segments in DEKA FIT, ensuring you’re race-ready for each transition between DEKA Zones.

Technique Guidance Across DEKA Zones: Mastery in DEKA goes beyond strength and endurance – it’s about precision in technique. We offer in-depth guidance on DEKA-specific movements, including the Ram Burpee, Ram Alternating Reverse Lunges, Dead Ball Wall Overs, and others. Our aim is to make your performance not just effective but also efficient and safe.

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EMS Fitness Norwich - DEKA Training

DEKA Performance Nutrition

Excelling in DEKA competitions demands not just intensive training but also a scientific approach to nutrition. Our team of Sports Performance Nutritionists is dedicated to enhancing your athletic performance with bespoke nutritional strategies.

Customised Nutrition Plans: We develop personalized nutrition plans that align with your training cycles, ensuring you receive optimal nourishment tailored to the physical demands of DEKA’s ten stations.

Macronutrient Management: Our experts guide you in strategically managing carbohydrates for sustained endurance and protein for effective muscle recovery, which are pivotal for peak DEKA performance.

Hydration Strategies: We craft individualised hydration plans, essential for enduring the rigorous DEKA challenges, taking into account your unique physiological needs.

Supplement Consultation: Receive evidence-based advice on sports supplements that can enhance your endurance capabilities, ensuring safe and effective use.

Gut Health Optimisation: Our nutritionists provide advice on maintaining gut health, crucial for efficient nutrient absorption and minimising digestive issues during competition.

Race-Day & Recovery Nutrition: We offer customised nutritional strategies for before, during, and after the event, focusing on maintaining energy levels and facilitating swift recovery.

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DEKA Classes in Norwich

EMS Fitness Norwich DEKA Training Class

Monday Class at 7:30pm with Xavier Gomez:

DEKA Challenge: Step Into the World of DEKA Competitive Simulations!

Immerse yourself into the dynamic world of DEKA at EMS Fitness Norwich with our specially designed Monday night class, led by Xavier Gomez, who brings a wealth of DEKA expertise. This session is a blend of individual challenge and teamwork, perfect for those who compete solo or as part of a team in DEKA. Engage in realistic DEKA  simulations that replicate the competitive atmosphere and each of the DEKA zones. The class structure alternates between individual efforts in the ‘I go, you go’ format, emphasizing both personal skill enhancement and team coordination. You’ll navigate through the varied demands of DEKA, from mastering functional strength exercises to developing strategic teamwork, ensuring comprehensive preparation for any DEKA challenge.

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EMS Fitness Norwich - DEKA Classes

Wednesday Class at 6am with Georgia Parry:

Dawn of DEKA: Perfect Your Form and Function with Georgia!

Join Georgia Parry at EMS Fitness Norwich for an early-morning DEKA class, where technical finesse meets endurance training. In this session, you’ll explore the intricacies of key DEKA exercises, including the disciplined technique of rowing, the enduring strength required for farmer’s carries, the strategic execution of the sled push-pull, and the intense combination of strength and agility in RAM burpees. Georgia’s expert guidance ensures a thorough breakdown of each movement, promoting flawless execution and a deep understanding of each exercise. The class transitions into running drills, a crucial component for building the endurance necessary for DEKA competitions. These drills not only enhance the technical skills acquired but also elevate your overall cardiovascular fitness, equipping you for the diverse challenges of DEKA. Ideal for both beginners and experienced athletes, this session offers a holistic training approach, combining detailed technique work with robust endurance training.

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EMS Fitness Norwich - DEKA Classes

Saturday Class at 8:50am with Amber Wymer:

Push the Limit: Endure, Excel, and Elevate in DEKA!

Step into Amber Wymer’s and brace yourself for an exhilarating DEKA challenge. This session, crafted for those who dare to push their limits, is a deep dive into the essence of DEKA’s competition intensity. Amber, known for her formidable training approach, orchestrates workouts that robustly enhance stamina and push your endurance thresholds.

Experience a diverse range of DEKA-focused exercises that develop strength, agility, and technique, enhancing your overall fitness for the varied challenges of DEKA zones. Amber’s class also includes strategic running segments, designed to replicate the dynamic and demanding nature of DEKA MILE and DEKA FIT, ensuring you’re getting a real taste of competition conditions.

Whether your goal is to build unyielding endurance, increase your strength, or fine-tune your DEKA skills, Amber’s class is the crucible where you can forge your competitive edge.

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Explore the multifaceted world of hybrid training with our DEKA classes exclusively at EMS Fitness Norwich.