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Our team of talented personal fitness trainers and health coaches have a personal approach that delivers unique sessions based on your needs.

About us

Fitness is about an ongoing challenge. It’s more than simply getting over a hurdle or creating a new look for your body. It’s about a continued and committed change of lifestyle. And often there’s more to the picture than simply working out at the gym or trying to go on a diet.

That’s where we can help you. Combining all our disciplines this holistic approach gives you the training and understanding of how every element of your life contributes towards your overall health.

From nutrition and functional exercise that underlines your daily activity and life, through to the sport coaching and fitness training that gives you strength and support to go further, our approach is built around you and your goals.Combining every aspect of our advice and services, it’s the best way to achieve the health and fitness results you want to see.


Our team


Xavier Gomez

Director & Senior Trainer

Leading the team at EMS Fitness is Xavi Gomez, a driven personality focused on success in every area of his clients’ lives. However, he understands the complex issues involved in disciplines as diverse as weight loss, peak performance and conditioning training and uses a helpful, positive and encouraging training style to help individuals reach their goals. And it’s his never say die attitude that’s helped many people at EMS start putting health and wellbeing front and centre of their lives.

Xavier is able to help all levels of clients achieve their goals. With a Masters’ Degree in Health and Physical Activity he understands how lifestyle, diet, mindset and activity all contribute towards achieving the outcome you desire. Expect more than simple fitness training – access an entire system of personal health change that extends beyond the gym instruction sessions into a philosophy and approach that will leave you happy an energised.

Whether you want to up your game as a professional athlete, keep your gym sessions fresh as a fitness enthusiast or simply get off the couch and get moving, Xavier has the skills you want. An accomplished personal trainer with the power to help individuals reach the next level.


Beatrice van den Heuvel

Managing Director & EMS Senior Trainer

Living a balanced life has always been Beatrice’s motivation. She enjoys strength training, boxing and functional training, as well as cooking healthy meals and working hard. Beatrice established EMS Fitness Norwich with her husband Xavier Gomez in 2016 and they have built the exceptional reputation of their studio together.

Beatrice is a teacher at heart! She prides herself on teaching the perfect technique and helps her clients to achieve their personal goals and feel better in their bodies, as well as inspires them to lead a healthy lifestyle and enjoy the rush of adrenaline that comes from working out.

Beatrice is an expert at dealing with mindset and motivation; she will always keep you on track! She trains a range of different clients, from those who are entering sporting competitions and want an edge over their competitors – Beatrice has developed a specific ‘EMS golf programme’ – to clients who want to lose weight and tone up; her years of experience working with the EMS training system delivers outstanding results!

Beatrice has the perfect qualities for being your personal trainer. She will give you friendly encouragement and good advice; her enthusiasm for leading a healthy life is catchy!

Amber PT

Amber Wymer

Personal Trainer and EMS Trainer

Amber has first hand experience with the importance of staying active, building habits and creating a perfect blend of work/life balance. Before she became qualified as a personal trainer she went from an active role that required being on her feet all day to then an office job. Entering a job that required sitting for the most part of the day she saw an impact on her wellbeing, and from this understands how physical activity can improve mental health as well as physical health.

Amber is passionate when it comes to strength training. She enjoys working towards her personal goals and pushing her body to new limits. Amber also runs on a weekly basis and takes part in regular flexibility sessions to maintain her overall fitness level.

Starting your fitness journey can seem intimidating, but with Amber’s support she can help you build confidence and a positive mindset, working together towards your personal goals. Even if you aren’t new to fitness she will be able to help with techniques, taking your workouts to the next level and offer support to reach your goals. Amber doesn’t believe in a cookie cutter approach, and that everybody and every body is different. This is why she creates a personalised session to your individual needs. With her enthusiasm, experience and knowledge, Amber’s support and guidance every step of the way will help you in your fitness journey.

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Georgia Parry

Personal Trainer

Before qualifying as a Personal Trainer, Georgia spent the past 6 years working in HR in London, so understand the difficulty and pressure of balancing a busy, and often inactive lifestyle. Also, as a recent mum she recognise the impact this has both physically and mentally , and how daunting it can be to start exercising afterwards.

Georgia has always enjoyed looking for new ways to keep fit, whether it be boxing, yoga or going to the gym. She believe that keeping fit should be something that is both fun and rewarding, it’s about finding something that suits you as an individual.

Diet is also a very important part of achieving a healthy lifestyle, Georgia believe that nutrition is less about cutting out what you can’t eat and more about providing you with the knowledge and skills for healthy, happy eating without too many limitations. She loves discovering (and trying!) new recipes and ingredients A healthy diet not only helps you achieve your fitness goals, but it will also improve your overall wellbeing.

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