Senior Fitness Personal Training at EMS Fitness

Safe and effective training for older people

At EMS Fitness, we believe that age is no barrier to strength, flexibility, vitality and ultimately fitness. Our experienced team of friendly personal trainers always take the time to understand your needs and fitness levels, so we can design a programme that really works for you. Whether you’re training to recover from injury, become more flexible, or simply to gain strength and fitness, we can help.

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It’s absolutely essential that training programmes for older people be properly tailored and customised to their needs. We can work with you to develop strength, mobility and overall fitness no matter your individual limitations. Plus, gaining strength and mobility will help you reduce your risk of injury and gain mobility so you can enjoy a life with more vigour.

Key Benefits of our Senior Fitness Programme:

  • Improve your basic fitness and get more energy for day to day life
  • Maintain mobility and personal dependence for yourself
  • Strengthen aching joints and improve muscle areas
  • Take on personal challenges and boost your self-esteem
  • Dramatically improve your mood and maintain happiness levels

The Movements:

  • Carefully tailored to your mobility requirements
  • Can take inspiration from strength, cardio or functional training
  • Focus on stretching, lengthening and mobility movements
  • Can cover injury rehab, training sympathetic and supportive muscles

Senior Fitness Facts:

Physical activity and exercise helps you stay healthy and independent for longer. The NHS recommends that older people undertake regular exercise. It’s healthy, safe and effective.

There’s no age limit on training. You can undertake strength and cardio training at any age. We’ll work with you to establish any mobility requirements and ensure it’s safe.

Exercise can lower the risk of getting ill. Regular exercise can decrease your risk of getting serious diseases, such as heart disease, stroke, type 2 diabetes and lots more.

Feedback From Our Happy Clients:

“Xavi is an excellent personal trainer. I started training with him in 2013. Although the training is hard work the result is worth it. Xavi is patient and he will give lots of encouragement as long as you put do the work. He keeps a track of your progress and gives you the time to talk about how you are feeling about your training and if there is anything you want to change. I would recommend Xavi as your personal trainer!”

-Anastasia Sullivan

“Beatrice has pushed me hard but without dampening my enthusiasm. She has mixed up the programme to keep me interested. Very professional.”

-Janet Jury

Find out the benefits of the EMS senior fitness programme for yourself.

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