EMS Training for Older Adults

Stay healthy and independent for longer with EMS training

When you’re older and your body’s mobility or natural strength starts to decline, it can be difficult to find methods of training or exercise that feel achievable and effective. At EMS Fitness Norwich, we’ve found the solution.

Electrical Muscle Stimulation (EMS) training is the perfect method of training for older adults and senior citizens. It’s low impact so it’s gentle on your joints, safe and effective, and your trainer can specifically customise how hard each muscle works, so it can be perfectly tailored to your body’s needs.

EMS training works to strengthen your muscles and tone your body and can help reverse the natural muscle loss that occurs with age. It’s ideal for injury rehab and can help strengthen joints and muscles to help you stay independent for longer.

The Benefits:

  • Low impact and gentle on your joints
  • Proven to be safe and effective
  • Tailored to your body’s exact needs
  • Maintain your mobility and independence
John 01

EMS Training for Older Adults: Case Study

John 01

Don’t just take our word for it. Here’s a case study with one of our clients.

John, 65, has always had a busy, active lifestyle, involving ski holidays, cycling events and golf days. He first discovered EMS training as a way to build physical strength to complement his active lifestyle as he got older. Four years on, EMS has become an integral part of John’s routine and the reason his “spirit feels energised”.

John began his journey with EMS training in 2016, after a free trial at EMS Fitness Norwich. “I’ve always been active and love going skiing and competing in cycling events,” says John. “As I got older, I needed to find something that would help me stay agile and less prone to injury while skiing.

“The first time I tried EMS it was like nothing I had experienced before. It felt weird but strangely effective,” recalls John. Four years on, John is still training once a week with PT Beatrice van den Heuvel at EMS Fitness Norwich.

“I still see weekly progress and that feels so encouraging,” says John. “You don’t notice it happening day to day, but as you get older your balance and coordination aren’t as good as they once were. EMS helped me regain these. Not just that but my overall strength has really improved, particularly my core strength, which helps me with everyday life.

“What I didn’t expect to gain from EMS was a new-found mental strength,” adds John. “I truly mean it when I say my spirit now feels more energised. I so look forward to my weekly sessions, they give me a real focus and are a staple part of my routine.”

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