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Your Ultimate Fitness Challenge!

HYROX in Norwich at EMS: Get Ready for the Challenge!

Our Norwich-based gym is excited to be affiliated with HYROX, an all-inclusive fitness competition that brings running and functional workouts together. Our services include HYROX-focused classes, personal training, and sports nutrition, specially designed to prepare you for the competition.

HYROX is a unique challenge consisting of 1km runs interspersed with functional workout stations, totalling 8km running and 8 workouts. With our team’s expertise in sports science, exercise, and sport nutrition, we offer comprehensive training and guidance.

Everyone is welcome to join – whether you’re a fitness novice or an experienced athlete. Our gym community thrives on support and camaraderie, creating a dynamic environment to enhance your fitness journey.

Start with us today and redefine your limits with HYROX!

Comprehensive HYROX Preparation

HYROX classes Norwich

HYROX Classes

Our Norwich-based gym is more than just a fitness facility. We’re dedicated to helping our clients excel in HYROX competitions with our specially designed classes. Each class targets the key aspects of HYROX, integrating strength, endurance, technique, and mobility, to create a well-rounded athlete:

Monday Class at 7:30pm

Wednesday Class at 6am

Saturday Class at 9am

In these classes, we provide comprehensive training, including strength-building exercises, metabolic workouts for endurance enhancement, technique refinement for functional exercises, and mobility drills. This diverse approach ensures our clients are well-rounded and prepared for every facet of a HYROX competition.

Join us today to start your HYROX journey in a supportive, friendly, and professional environment. Let’s tackle HYROX together!

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HYROX Training Norwich

Personal HYROX Training

Unlock your potential in HYROX with our dedicated personal training. At our gym, you’re not just a member – you’re an athlete in training. Our personal trainers, all experienced HYROX athletes themselves, use their sport science education and HYROX-specific qualifications to create a unique training plan tailored to your needs.

Strength Preparation: Focusing on compound exercises, we help you build the muscular strength required to excel in HYROX. Our training will target your weaknesses, turning them into your strengths.

Specialized Run Training: HYROX is largely an endurance competition, with running being a crucial component. Our trainers will educate you on running technique, and types of runs that will bolster your endurance and race readiness. We craft a running programme tailored for you, enabling you to tackle every segment of the race with confidence.

Technique Guidance: HYROX success isn’t merely about strength and endurance but also hinges on the right technique. Our trainers will guide you through the specifics of HYROX movements including sled push, sled pull, burpee broad jump, weighted lunges, farmer walks, wall balls as well as ski and row techniques. We ensure your performance is efficient, effective and safe.

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HYROX Performance Nutrition Norwich

HYROX Performance Nutrition

Aiming for success in HYROX competitions requires not only rigorous training but also an informed approach to nutrition. Here’s what Xavier Gomez, our Sports Performance Nutritionist-in-training, can offer to athletes:

Tailored Nutrition Plan: Xavier designs a personalized plan synchronized with your training phases, ensuring optimal nourishment.

Macronutrient Balance: Xavier guides on carbohydrate loading for endurance and protein timing for muscle recovery, crucial for HYROX performance.

Hydration Strategy: He devises a bespoke hydration plan considering your unique needs, vital for endurance events.

Supplement Advice: Get clear, safe, and effective guidance on sports supplements enhancing endurance performance.

Gut Health: Xavier offers strategies for optimal gut health, ensuring effective nutrient absorption and preventing race-day digestive issues.

Race-Day & Recovery Diet: Personalized pre-event, intra-event, and post-event nutritional strategies for maintaining energy and rapid recovery.

Informed nutrition is a vital component of HYROX preparation. With Xavier’s guidance, you’ll be nutritionally prepared to face the unique challenges of HYROX, optimally fueling your body for performance, and rapid recovery.

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HYROX Classes in Norwich

Xavier Gomez - HYROX Trainer Norwich

Monday Class at 7:30pm with Xavier Gomez:

Strength Meets Synergy: Double Your HYROX Power!

Experience a class that strikes the perfect balance between strength and synergy. Under the expert guidance of our seasoned trainer, Xavier Gomez, participants undergo a robust strength exercise, setting the stage for what’s next. The latter part of the class dives into the ‘I go, you go’ format, a methodology tailor-made for those aiming to shine in HYROX doubles competitions. Xavi’s unique approach ensures you get the best of both worlds: foundational strength and team-based endurance.

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Georgia Parry - HYROX Trainer EMS Fitness Norwich

Wednesday Class at 6am with Georgia Parry:

Dawn with Precision: Master Your HYROX Moves!

Dawn with determination! Start your day under the skilled tutelage of our trainer, Georgia Parry. This class is a deep dive into the technical nuances of every HYROX exercise. Georgia meticulously breaks down each move, ensuring members understand and execute with precision. After mastering the techniques, participants transition into interspersed running segments, culminating in a workout that complements the initial technical focus. It’s a class that prioritizes form, function, and fluidity.

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Amber Wymer - HYROX Trainer EMS Fitness Norwich

Saturday Class at 9am with Amber Wymer:

Push the Limit: Endure, Excel, and Elevate in HYROX!

Prepare to be pushed to your limits. Led by the formidable Amber Wymer, this class is not for the faint-hearted. Amber crafts extensive workouts aimed at enhancing stamina and pushing your thresholds. Seamlessly integrating HYROX exercises and strategic runs, the session is meticulously designed to replicate the intensity of the competition. Whether you’re building endurance or aiming to up your HYROX game, Amber’s class is where you’ll find your edge.

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HYROX Highlights: Training to Triumph

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