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Unique fitness and exercise plans delivered from our Norwich boutique gym, all specifically designed to help you develop a healthy lifestyle and smash your fitness goals

Looking for training that gets results? At EMS Fitness, our range of exercise plans are all tailored to your precise needs, so you’ll get a workout schedule that really works for you.

We believe that your training plans need to be individual and designed around your own goals. Our training team designs programmes that adapt to your personal targets, your physical strengths and weaknesses, and even your energy levels when you arrive at the gym. The variation avoids repetition and ensures that workouts are neither too intense or too easy – just perfectly designed for you.

At EMS Fitness Norwich, we’ve developed our own unique training method: the MSMS method. The 4 essential elements of this method are: mobility, stability, metabolic conditioning and strength. These 4 elements form the basis of all of our programs, and they’re central to our training philosophy, centred around working your functional and all-round physical condition.

By working these 4 elements together, our training philosophy is centred around comprehensive health and fitness. A balance between all aspects of strength and health, with you firmly in the middle.

We offer a set of different fitness programmes, all tailored in different ways and geared towards different sets of fitness goals. These are not rigid pre-sets or already defined programmes, just starting off positions to help us align your workouts to your goals. Find out more about them below.

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Weight Loss

If your goal is centred around weight loss, our programmes are centred around commitment and mindsets. It’s vital to keep a strong mindset throughout this process, as managing change on this level can be extremely demanding.

At EMS Fitness, alongside our tailor-made workout plans, we can support you with nutritional advice and an emotional support framework to help you through this challenging process. This is a personal approach that will stand beside you every step of the way.

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Functional Training

Functional training is really about a harmony between strength, flexibility and balance – the complete package of health and conditioning. Add energy and endurance to your life or regain quality of life after a sports injury.

Our team of personal trainers understand the way your body and muscles function together holistically. They have the ability to build a program for you that targets any specific weaknesses you have – or just an all-round functional programme – so you can develop a new quality of life and movement.

Sinior Fitness

Senior Fitness

When you’re older your approach to your exercise program changes. Rather than seeking strength and endurance, you’re more concerned with adopting healthy practices that prolong the use of your body and maintain fitness.

To help you achieve an ongoing healthy lifestyle, EMS Fitness uses an understanding and gentle approach that appreciates individual limits and goals, providing you with the expertise, knowledge and trust that delivers real care and reassurance.

Sport and Conditioning

Sport & Conditioning

Whether you want to compete in next year’s Tough Mudder event, improve your golf handicap or simply be sharper to the ball at hockey, netball or football, our sports and conditioning training will help you meet your goals.

When you want a specific outcome, we’ll construct a detailed program for you that targets the muscles and body functions in a progressive structure. These exercises focus on the required objectives that give you the edge to compete.

Strenght and Weight training

Strength and Weight Training

Our strength training or resistance training programme focuses on improving muscular fitness by exercising specific muscles or muscle groups against external resistance. At EMS Fitness Norwich we will teach you how to use the free-weights, weight machines, or your own body weight for the best results.

Everyone can practice weight training – not only body builders. One of the most important benefits is to prevent the natural loss of lean muscle mass that comes with ageing.

EMS Fitness Norwich -Personal 1-1 Training

1 to 1 Personal

Unique fitness and exercise schedules constructed to help you develop a healthy lifestyle.

EMS Fitness Norwich -Group Classes


Exercise with friends to create a shared and social atmosphere of support and accountability.

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Nutrition &
Dietary Advice

Weight loss is a tough journey. We provide you with the step by step approach to get to your destination.

Electrical Muscle Stimulation (EMS)

Electrical Muscle
Stimulation EMS

A new technological approach to exercise, giving you the results of a 2 hour session in 20 minutes.

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