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Dominate your sport with sport and conditioning training

Increase your athletic performance with our sport and conditioning programme at EMS Fitness. Our experienced professional trainers have worked with successful athletes as well as amateur sportspeople to improve performance, add strength and fitness, and ensure that they crush their goals.

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Whatever your goal, we’ll work with you to create a personalised training plan designed to help you develop your complete sportsperson. Whether it’s recovery from an injury, adding lean muscle or general fitness, our trainers will work alongside you to deliver the results you need. From football to golf, we can help you boost your performance no matter what sport you play.

Key Benefits of our Sport and Conditioning Programme:

  • Improve your overall fitness level and prevent injury
  • Develop techniques that can be used beyond our sessions
  • Explore new exercises and training methods
  • Drive achievement and performance in your chosen sport
  • Strengthen your mindset and your mental approach to activity

The Movements:

  • Improve overall strength and power with weights training
  • Tailored ancillary movements to help with your specific sport
  • Train cardio fitness for increased performance using HIIT and cardio training
  • Sports injury rehab or prevention with mobility and flexibility work

Sport and Conditioning Facts:

Mobility and flexibility are crucial to so many sports. You may not realise it but your golf swing, free kick technique or tennis serve could be limited by your mobility. We could help you improve the specific mobility you need to develop as an athlete.

Fitness fundamentals can help, whichever sport you play. Being stronger, faster and more explosively powerful are key abilities for every sport. Whatever sport you play, developing your fitness will help.

Conditioning can help decrease the risk of injury. You may see any exercise not spent on your chosen sport as a waste – but extra conditioning work can actually help you decrease the risk of injury by improving mobility and flexibility, especially with high impact sports like football or tennis.

Feedback From Our Happy Clients:

“I could not rate Xavier and EMS Fitness Stuidio highly enough. I signed up for an 8 week course. Xavier Iistened carefully to what I wanted to achieve and devised an ever evolving and engaging set of workouts for me. He was able to adapt my workouts around some pain I was experiencing so we never lost momentum whilst I recovered. Not only is Xavier knowledgable and experienced as a Personal Trainer he is also a pleasure to work with, friendly with a great sense of humour. I more than exceeded my aims in terms of weight loss, improved BMI and endurance. If you’re looking for a PT to help you meet and exceed your goals then look no further than Xavier and EMS Fitness Studio”

-Ian Bell

“My physio recommended Xavier for strength and conditioning training and I’ve been really impressed with his knowledge and enthusiasm. My running has benefited from the sessions and I’ve learned loads about training with weights.”

-James Adcock

“Xavi is my guru. If he said (in his Spanish accent) ‘reeechar, walk offa de cliff’, I literally would. I’ve been training with him for around six months and the programme he’s put together and continually updates has genuinely changed my life. I carry some injuries that previously left me in pain almost all of the time. Xavi has spent time carefully adapting and testing out routines that have let me strengthen in a way that has allowed me to start living pain free days. To his credit he said we would achieve that on day one (I was very dubious) but it turns out I owe him a lot. He’s now helping me with a nutritional plan to complement my programme and I’m fitter, leaner and stronger than I have been in 15 years.

I love the informal setting of the well equipped studio space, Xavi is friendly and welcoming and manages to get the best out of you without being overly pushy. The sessions are always different and we have a laugh too. I couldn’t recommend EMS more.”

– Richard Halfhide

Find out the benefits of the EMS sports and conditioning programme for yourself.

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