Introducing EMS, The Revolutionary New Fitness Technique

EMS training is proven to be a quick, safe and ultra effective way of building fitness

Get a fitter, stronger and healthier you with EMS training at EMS Fitness!

At EMS Fitness, we offer Electrical Muscle Stimulation (EMS) training to all of our clients. We’re the only studio in Norwich to offer this revolutionary style of training – and we’re the experts, using it with hundreds of clients for years. It’s also the way we train ourselves!

EMS training is a new fitness technique that uses gentle electrical stimulation to activate your muscles. It’s been used by professional athletes for years, and now we’re bringing it to everybody else.

The real benefit of EMS training is how quick and effective it is. It takes just 20 minutes for the full body programme because you can train all your muscles at the same time. Unlike with conventional training, where you need to do individual exercises, with EMS training you continue working your main muscle groups, even while doing isolation style movements. The electrical energy used in EMS recruits your muscles really effectively and allows for much easier whole body targeting than conventional training.

At EMS Fitness, we’ve helped many clients over the years work towards their weight loss or fitness goals using EMS training. It can be your only form of exercise each week or as part of a fitness programme where you would use EMS training alongside other methods of conventional training, like HIIT, weights/strength or cardio training.

Want to find out the difference that EMS fitness could make to your life and exercise schedule?

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Electrical Muscle Stimulation

Strengthen muscles & tone body

Works 90% of muscles

EMS Fitness reduce cellulite - Electro-Muscle Stimulation


Increase Blood Circulation

EMS training studio

Gentle on
your joints

Train without weights

EMS (614 of 628)

back pain

Improve your posture

EMS Reduce Back pain

weight loss

Boost your metabolism

EMS and baby

Quick, safe and effective

Full training session in under half an hour

Could EMS training be right for you? Find out more about why it’s so effective.

EMS training

How does EMS training work?

EMS training uses electrical stimulation to work your muscles. Your body’s muscles are already stimulated using electrical energy – this is how your nervous system works. With EMS training, we use a gentle electrical pulse to amplify this system, causing your muscles to contract harder. Coupled with some gentle body weight movements, this means we can effectively stimulate your muscles, making them stronger quickly.

When you first arrive for your EMS session, we’ll firstly go over some health, lifestyle and safety questions to ensure EMS is right for you. Then, you’ll get changed into a cotton body suit before your trainer helps you into the full EMS suit. This is basically a set of straps around your arms, legs and glutes, plus a body vest. These have integrated electrodes which provide the gentle stimulation.

Like the sound of EMS training? Find out more about the science behind this revolutionary new method of training

Your next step

The best way to find out more about EMS Fitness is to try it out for yourself.

You’ll be surprised at how easy it is to fit EMS training into your busy lifestyle and one of our team members will be able to answer any questions you might have.

Simply get in touch to book your taster session and you’ll receive a full 20 minute workout in a private and personal environment, allowing you to find out if this revolutionary fitness session is right for you.

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Who can use EMS training?

EMS training is safe and effective for people of all ages and fitness levels. It’s gentle on your joints, making it perfect for older people, as well as new mums.

It’s also used by professional athletes and sportspeople. The best part is, we can tailor your EMS programme to fit your sport. From golfers to football players, EMS training is the perfect addition to your sports training.

Got some questions about EMS training? Check out our FAQs page

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