Electrical Muscle Stimulation (EMS)
A fitness system that works with you

The EMS Fitness system has been designed to enhance and boost your metabolism, aiding weight-loss and intensifying your workout. Find out how this revolutionary exercise could make a difference to your lifestyle.

If you’ve never heard of EMS before you’re probably wondering what’s involved with this new system?

With the Electrical Muscle Stimulation (EMS) system you wear a body vest and straps around your arms, legs and glutes, which carries a small electrical impulse through to your muscles. This creates a harmless and painless stimulation that actually boosts the effectiveness of a light workout.

Not only does this add an extra emphasis to a standard workout, it also reaches deep muscle layers that you struggle to activate with conventional exercise.

With a complete approach to all over fitness EMS is the perfect system for everyone ranging from those who want to bring fitness into their lives through to sports people with a full and active lifestyle.

Why choose the EMS system?

With the aid of electrical stimulation, the EMS system produces a more intense and targeted workout than standard exercise programmes. This provides you with the following benefits:

  • A fast, full body workout – in 20 minutes you can achieve a full body workout that is equivalent to 2 hours in the gym with conventional methods
  • Boost your weight loss programme – when combined with a healthy and balanced diet the EMS system has the power to aid you in achieving your target weight.
  • Great for senior people – EMS fitness is not dependent on weights or high impact training, so the risks of strain and injury are therefore greatly reduced.
EMS fitness strengthens muscles - Electro-Muscle Stimulation

 It’s great for professional sports too…

Many people don’t realise that the EMS system is used by serious physical athletes alongside people looking for a lifestyle change. Thanks to its targeted exercise system it can help serious sports people train specific groups of muscles.

As the system produces stronger and more intense muscle contractions that goes beyond the limits of normal exercise techniques, it is possible to undergo a more dynamic workout that produces greater results than standard strength and fitness testing alone.

We now offer targeted EMS Ftiness Training specifically for golfers to improve general fitness focusing on core strength, flexibilty and balance.

EMS fitness reduce back pain - Electro-Muscle Stimulation

 Get the full picture

There’s no better way to find out everything you want to know about the EMS Fitness system than one of our taster sessions.

This full workout will let you discover whether or not this revolutionary new method suits both your exercise aims and lifestyle.

Want to find out the difference that EMS fitness could make to your life and exercise schedule?

Contact us today on 01603 517920 for your FREE session – worth £36.50.

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