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Get stronger, fitter and add muscle with strength training

Strength and weights personal training is the ultimate way to make serious gains and build muscle. From complex lifts like deadlifts, squats and cleans, to accessory work targeting specific muscles and muscle groups, our strength training programmes are ideal for those looking to smash their fitness goals. Strength and weight training is ideal either as your primary form of exercise or as a supplementary session to cardio or sports training. It boosts your metabolism; helps you lose weight, and pack on lean muscle.

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It’s absolutely vital to ensure that your form is correct when working with heavy weights and complex lifts. Our experienced team of personal trainers are all able to analyse your form, helping you perfect your lifts with coaching cues and advice. This reduces the risk of injury and helps you train safely.

At EMS Fitness, we take the time to design a tailored strength training plan for you – we don’t use off the shelf, generic fitness plans. We’ll discuss your goals for fitness, strength and muscle gain, and work with you to build and deliver a training programme that’ll help you make the gains and crush your fitness goals.

Key Benefits of our Strength and Weights Programme:

  • Boost your strength and aid your overall body balance
  • Turbocharge your athletic performance and stamina
  • Get a strong, overall body look and improve your appearance
  • Become better equipped to deal with stress and challenges
  • Fun workout that continually pushes and engages you

The Movements:

  • Complex, compound movements like deadlifts and squats
  • Weighted accessory exercises like bicep curls and shoulder press
  • Core work designed to improve strength
  • Focus on mobility to increase range of motion in key lifts
a woman undertaking seated curls at a gym

Strength and Weights Training Facts:

Strength training boosts your metabolism. Resistance training like this can help increase your resting metabolism, helping you lose weight and keeping it off by increasing the number of calories your body naturally burns each day.

Strength training can help with posture and mobility. Building your muscular strength can help you be more comfortable in your office chair, make it easier to stay on your feet on a busy day, or just help you with general household tasks.

Strength training helps prevent natural muscle loss that comes with ageing. As you age, your body will naturally lose muscle mass. Strength and weight training helps prevent and reverse this process, keeping you stronger for longer.

Feedback From Our Happy Clients:

“Xavi and the EMS team are great to train with. The ethos and set up provides a much more personal approach, which is refreshing and welcome. EMS also gives an alternative to traditional training and has personally given me significantly improved core strength and supported other areas I’ve struggled with. The team are enthusiastic, approachable and fun, so worth giving them a look…”

-Luke Miles

“This fitness studio is small compared to most gyms, but has everything you need – kettlebells, cardio machines, weights etc. I have been participating in the high intensity class on Saturdays, as well as Personal Training sessions with Xavier for a few weeks now. I have found him to be really knowledgeable and motivating. If you are like me, and you need someone to push you and hold you accountable for exercising, personal training sessions are a great tool and I recommend EMS Fitness Studio. I personally find just doing lots of cardio boring, so I appreciate the different exercises and variety in the classes Xavier plans.”

-Avalon Hollander

Find out the benefits of the EMS strength and weights programme for yourself.

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