Frequently Asked Questions about EMS Training

What is EMS training?

Electrical Muscle Stimulation (EMS) training is a form of exercise which uses electric currents to send signals to your body’s muscles to contract. As it uses the same type of signal that your body uses to contract muscles itself, it feels like a natural amplification of your range of motion.

When undertaking EMS training, you can recruit significantly more muscle fibres than performing the same movement without this additional electrical stimulation.

What are the benefits of EMS training?

EMS training is a total body workout. It’s designed to help people lose weight, increase their strength, grow their muscles, and it’s also ideal for use for injury rehab and for relieving muscular tension. For more benefits, please see our Why Choose EMS page.

How does EMS training work?

EMS training activates your muscles by using gentle electric currents. Your trainer is in complete control of the amount of current being applied and will always set the machine up to feel comfortable for you. The intensity of the contraction of your muscles will vary depending on how much current is applied – so with a stronger current, you’ll be working your muscles harder.

While using the EMS system as a total body workout in this way has only recently become available as a method of working out, the underlying technology has been being used safely and effectively for injury rehab and physical therapy for decades.

Find out more about how EMS training works on our how EMS training works page.

Does EMS training hurt?

Even though there is an electrical current involved with the EMS system it is very low impulse and completely safe, gentle and will not cause you any pain or discomfort as you exercise.

Can anyone undertake EMS training?

The EMS system is designed for any age and body type – from the young sportsperson through to older people looking for help with mobility and fitness.

How do you work with me?

At EMS Fitness we can provide you with a session as part of a complete plan of exercise created to hit your goals and help generate the best results possible.

How often can I do EMS training?

We recommend at least 2 days of recovery in between EMS sessions, and longer if you have only recently started EMS training. Your trainer will discuss a safe and effective schedule with you that fits around your life and other fitness commitments.

Can I do EMS training at home?

We can travel with the EMS equipment to your home and do the session there. However, there is an additional cost to this.

What medical reasons should stop me from doing EMS training?

Before your first session, your trainer will go through the list of medical exemptions with you to make sure that it’s safe for you to train.

This list of medical “contraindications” are conditions which mean you should not undertake EMS training:

  • Acute diseases, disorders, bacterial infections, and inflammatory processes
  • Recent surgeries
  • Arteriosclerosis and other circulatory disorders
  • Stents or bypasses in the past 6 months
  • Untreated hypertension
  • Diabetes Mellitus
  • Pregnancy
  • Electrical implants, pacemakers
  • Cardiac Arrhythmia
  • Tumors or cancer
  • Bleeding disorders (Haemophilia)
  • Motor Neuron Diseases, Neurological disorders (Epilepsy)
  • Abdominal or inguinal hernia
  • Acute influence of alcohol, drugs or other intoxicants

Can EMS training be used for injury rehab?

Yes – EMS training is a great method of injury rehab. It’s gentle and your joints, and the current intensity can be adjusted to specific areas, so your trainer can work on strengthening affected areas.

What equipment is used?

We use Miha Bodytec EMS machines and body suits. You can find out more about them on their website.

What do I have to wear?

We provide special EMS suits for each client – available in a wide range of sizes. These special cotton suits are designed to retain moisture, giving better contact with the electrical pads on the EMS body suit.

How long does an EMS session take?

We schedule EMS sessions in roughly 45-minute blocks. This includes time to get changed, warm up, a 20-minute EMS session, a cool down, and then time for a shower and change afterwards. The actual workout only takes around 20 minutes.

Can I do EMS training on my own?

We don’t provide the option for clients to use the machines on their own. This is to ensure your safety, as EMS training should only be done under the supervision of a trained professional.

Find out the benefits of the EMS fitness system for yourself.

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