Fitness Classes

Workout with your friends – Social group training creates a shared and supportive atmosphere, making everyone accountable for their actions and attendance.


Monday 6pm to 7pm and 7pm – 8pm
at EMS Fitness Studio

The unique Bootcamp workout class in Norwich. No two classes are the same – and each exercise will have options to accommodate for all fitness levels.

HIIT class

Saturday 11am – 12pm
at EMS Fitness Studio

Consisting of a varying body weight exercises and intense cardio blasts, you can be sure that you’ll be working your max effort for this 30 min + another 10 min intense abs. Intensity can be modified depending on individual ability level and specific needs.

Don’t worry if you have different fitness levels, as exercises will be set at varying difficulties for each member of the group. You can even combine your workouts with nutritional advice and closed community social media to help you create a real change of lifestyle.

Personal Training EMS Fitness Studio Norwich

1 to 1 Personal

Unique fitness and exercise schedules constructed to help you develop a healthy lifestyle.

EMS fitness Norwich Fitness Classes


Exercise with friends to create a shared and social atmosphere of support and accountability.

Nutrition & Dietary Advice by EMS Fitness

Nutrition &
Dietary Advice

Weight loss is a tough journey. EMS Fitness Studio provides you with the step by step approach to get to your destination.

EMS Fitness Norwich

Electrical Muscle
Stimulation EMS

A new technological approach to exercise, giving you the results of a 2 hour session in 20 minutes.

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