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Smash your weight loss goals with EMS

Our weight loss personal training programmes are varied and super customisable to your needs. We’ll take the time to understand your strengths, fitness level and any restrictions you may have, so your programme will be tailored to your difficulty level – challenging enough to help you burn calories and kickstart your weight loss, but always sensitive to not cause burnout.

Taking inspiration from strength, cardio, HIIT and boxing training, our experienced trainers will design a programme to help you achieve your weight loss goals. We’ll maximise the time we have with you, focusing on calorie burning movements, active recovery, and key targeted fitness interventions. Unfortunately, there are no shortcuts when it comes to weight loss, but we’ll help you put in the work and make it as fun as possible along the way with movements and sessions you’ll enjoy!

Key Benefits of our Weight Loss Programme:

  • Improve your cardiovascular health – cut the risk of heart problems
  • Reduce your cholesterol and lose dangerous visceral fat
  • Stabilise your blood pressure and stop eating for energy
  • Lower your risk of developing Type 2 Diabetes
  • Boost your enthusiasm, confidence and self esteem

The Movements:

  • Weight loss program can be tailored to your needs, either low or high impact work
  • Often centred around cardio and HIIT training
  • Use of boxing, rowing, ski ERG and other cardio machines
  • Can also be tailored with strength movements to burn fat and put on lean muscle

Weight Loss Facts:

Nutrition is an essential part of weight loss. We can offer nutritional advice as part of our fitness packages. Find out more about our nutritional advice offering.

Weight loss is also about exercise outside of the gym. At EMS, we can help you build a sustainable template for exercise and weight loss, including helping you get moving with challenges and regular check-ins.

Radical change is not usually effective. For lasting, sustainable weight loss, we’ll gradually build up your fitness levels and set you on a healthy eating journey.

Feedback From Our Happy Clients:

“Visible results within weeks, in a friendly environment. Good assessment of fitness, tips on diet, and correction in postures and exercises.”

-Brais Vila

“Great studio, great people!! If you want to improve both physically and mental this is definitely your place. Thank you Xavi and Bea!!!”

-Jose Santana

“I have worked out with Xavi for 3 years. He has helped me not only through my physical challenges but also personal struggles and together we have achieved a fantastic diet plan and I now finally feel like I am starting to get the body and lifestyle that I want – in a sustainable, achievable, fashion. This guy is seriously good – if you want someone who will let you slack off and relax this is not the guy for you – this is about changing your life.”

-Keiron Bain

Find out the benefits of the EMS weight loss programme for yourself.

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