Xavi from EMS Fitness Studio has designed an individual, personalised programme to increase my flexibility, balance and strength. His innovative approach has assisted me in overcoming a knee injury. I have a progressive neurological condition. Xavi has designed a programme of exercise to help me maintain and improve my fitness levels whilst understanding the difficulties I face. I recommend him wholeheartedly.

Jenny1 to 1 Personal Training Customer

I’ve trained with EMS Fitness Studio’s Xavi for a while now and whilst being very dedicated and professional, he manages to make the sessions fun and always finds new ways to make the workouts interesting! I would highly recommend him to anyone wishing to start training, or even someone that is looking for a new personal trainer.

Sandrine1 to 1 Personal Training Customer

I am a guy in his late 40’s who has struggled with his weight and confidence for many years. I have worked with Xavi for over two years now. For me I need someone I feel comfortable with but who will learn my limits and push me. Many sessions with Xavi have been challenging and difficult but afterwards I always feel a sense of accomplishment.

Ian Greenaway1 to 1 Personal Training Customer

Xavi is an excellent personal trainer. I started training with him in 2013. Although the training is hard work the result is worth it. Xavi is patient and he will give lots of encouragement as long as you put do the work. He keeps a track of your progress and gives you the time to talk about how you are feeling about your training and if there is anything you want to change. I would recommend Xavi as your personal trainer!

Anastasia Sullivan1 to 1 Personal Training Customer

I have been looking to workout and gain help that’s when I discovered EMS Fitness Studio, Norwich. I have received knowledge on fitness and nutrition as well on how I can position myself to correctly complete a move and had 1-1 lessons that make you work harder and encourage you to go further.

Kyle Webster1 to 1 Personal Training Customer

I have been training with Xavi for a year now. I really love his enthusiasm and energy for exercise and keeping healthy. Every session is different and really enjoyable. He began by teaching me good techniques and now I feel really confident when I go to the gym and do my own workouts!

Beatrice van den Heuvel1 to 1 Personal Training Customer

I have been working with Xavier of EMS Fitness Studio, Norwich for 18 months after I had my baby. He helped me to regain core strength and changed my outlook to fitness, and introduced a mix of strength training and cardio. He is very encouraging and personalized the program to my needs on a weekly basis. Highly recommended!

Janice1 to 1 Personal Training Customer