I once worked with a trainer for 12 months, 3 times a week, and saw no real noticeable change, but after just four weeks at EMS Fitness Norwich I have achieved results I’ve never dreamed of. I’m now an addict and for the first time in my life I really look forward to my sessions.

Luke MilesEMS Fitness Customer

Since starting at EMS fitness Norwich 5 months ago, the results have spoken for themselves. I have lost 12kgs in conjunction with some running and had to go out and buy new suits since I have dropped 2 sizes. Xavi and his staff are very professional, friendly and the one on one service suits me to a tee. I am a very busy person, and to be ‘over and done’ in under half an hour and shoot off back to work fits beautifully into my busy lifestyle. I can happily recommend EMS to all.

Samantha OrcielEMS Fitness Customer

EMS Fitness Norwich has helped me lose fat and gain muscle mass. I’m more toned, and I feel like I have so much more energy. The exercise time is short, yet so effective and also convenient, not taking too much time out of my day. The facilities are also clean and modern. EMS has been a very positive and rewarding part of my life, and I recommend it for everyone!

Ian GreenawayEMS Fitness Customer

First time I tried out EMS training I didn’t know what to expect. The sensation which goes through your body parts is something I never felt before but soon your muscles get used to it and once you get the hang of the technique then EMS training becomes very powerful. Literally it leaves you sweating bucket loads without doing many strenuous movements. I have incorporated EMS training into my gym routine so I can train less but be more effective.

Kristina Trinity FieldsEMS Fitness Customer

This program is great, my wife and I went for a free trial and were a bit surprised by the suit but prepared to give it a go…….
What can I say but 5 weeks on, looking forward to our 5th week and we both love it, we are feeling so much more fitter in ourselves and we have both lost weight.
Give it a go… You won’t be disappointed.
Xavi and Bea are lovely people and encourage you to get the most out of your session

Roger BellEMS Fitness Customer

I joined EMS Fitness Norwich 6 months ago, attending twice a week for 20 minute sessions. Within 4 weeks, I felt a big difference in my fitness and also in my appearance. My body had firmed up quite a lot, and I have definitely lost weight around my stomach area which is where I wanted to target in the beginning. The bonus for me is that it only takes 20 minutes to do a full body workout where you would need to spend 2 1/2 to 3 hours in a conventional gym to gain the same workout. I have a busy work life, and this system suits me perfectly. I am delighted with my results, and I will continue to use Xavi and his team going forward to maintain and further improve my fitness level.

P. Louise Pascoe-MeineckeEMS Fitness Customer

Having had a number of EMS sessions with Xavier and his machine, I can say the feelings on the muscle is no pain as such, the sensation is that your muscles are being worked as if you were having a very heavy session using weights. It takes a couple of days to feel the end result. The session is short but very rewarding!! You need to try it!

Anastasia SullivanEMS Fitness Customer

Xavi from EMS Fitness Studio has designed an individual, personalised programme to increase my flexibility, balance and strength. His innovative approach has assisted me in overcoming a knee injury. I have a progressive neurological condition. Xavi has designed a programme of exercise to help me maintain and improve my fitness levels whilst understanding the difficulties I face. I recommend him wholeheartedly.

Jenny1 to 1 Personal Training Customer

I have been working with Xavier of EMS Fitness Studio, Norwich for 18 months after I had my baby. He helped me to regain core strength and changed my outlook to fitness, and introduced a mix of strength training and cardio. He is very encouraging and personalized the program to my needs on a weekly basis. Highly recommended!

Janice1 to 1 Personal Training Customer