Thinking about 2018 Fitness Resolutions? When the blast of Christmas is over, we all love to make promises to ourselves. Changes in behaviour that are long overdue now start sliding into the frame. Thanks to the excesses of the seasonal break, which are laced with alcohol, fine foods and dusted with a whole ton and a half of sugar, many of us choose to lose the flab and find fitness.

Shaping Up Your Resolutions

Did you know that the number one resolution for over 33% of people in the UK is to get fit and lose weight? You can see by the number of new recruits who join the gym around this time and flood the machines and weight rooms with their morning sessions how universal this idea of change has become.

And with the increase in Instagram culture where people love to look good on social media devices, more and more people are choosing the gym and exercise as their main form of out of work hobby. So why doesn’t it always pan out and more importantly why is the UK still in the grip of an obesity epidemic? And will people’s 2018 fitness resolutions go the same way?

Winter Willpower

In the first instance willpower is a wonderful tool. That sense of motivation you get when starting off your resolutions pushes you towards making a positive change in your life. You start to see some results and you feel good about yourself. It’s when the whole process starts to get a little boring that the trouble begins.

It’s sticking at exercise and diet that most people find hard. It’s not so much the practice itself – but more the fact that other things in life start to get in the way. You only get a limited amount of willpower to use every day, and when this runs out you’re forced to make a break somewhere.
So when the job gets too hard or the pressures of friends and family come calling, all too often the first thing that suffers is the gym ritual. And it only takes a few days of missing your new found habit for it to dissolve into the background and become something you’ll pick up again when you have time.

Taking the Weight Off

Well then, how do you decide to cope with the stress of managing your motivation? The answer is simple. You get someone else to take care of it for you. By using a personal trainer you’re suddenly accountable. You have to turn up every week and even if they are not on your case for gaining weight or failing to meet your exercise targets, you still feel like you should be doing more.

Managing your weight loss and exercise by yourself in today’s busy world is a hard process when you have so many other responsibilities. So let someone else take the stress for you and help you get the results you want.

Using EMS Fitness

At EMS Fitness we can provide you with the support – both emotional and practical to help you hit your goals. Our service is one where we can advise you on many different aspects of life, diet and the general motivation you need to make changes in your lifestyle.

Come and see our unique fitness centre on King Street in Norwich. Try our EMS fitness system that can give you hours of exercise in a single session – and find out if we have the right personality to help you get your life in shape and meet your 2018 Fitness Resolutions.