Lockdowns have been tough. One good thing to come out of them was the rise in online training. People have been taking in classes on video, or even attending personal sessions on Zoom. And nearly all fitness heads have been doing some form of online training. Some classes have actually seen an increase in attendance as this kind of workout is more accessible for people with children or who live a long way out of urban centres, normally finding it tough to get to gyms.

However, as you would expect not everyone was overly enamoured with working out at home. Some people love the intimate experience of the gym and the social aspect of classes and they have found adapting it more challenging to adapt to digital training. This has led to people taking up running and walking or even stopping their programmes altogether.

If you’re one of those that has struggled to come to grips with online training, then this is the blog for you. Whether you want to give it another chance or you want some tips and reasons to get down the virtual gym classes – we go through it all, both the good and the bad and how you can manage. So, ready to get started?

Online Training: The Good

First up, let’s take a look at some of the good things about online training.

Saves you time – once you’ve prepared your exercise space at home, the hard work is done. No more travelling to the gym at rush hour. Forget waiting for the car windows to defrost or having to jump on the bike. All you have to do is walk into the space and you’re there. Great for short workouts.

Keeps costs down – because there’s lower overheads for the trainer (they don’t have to hire gym space or if they own their gym, no heating costs or running costs) means that they can pass on the savings to you. Remember however, in certain scenarios this may mean that the class content is generic and not built around you.

Work with your schedule – with a huge choice of online classes out there – if you do opt for recorded content or even free YouTube videos (there are plenty of Yoga ones that we love) and you can do these when you like. No more having to work on the set timetable.

And the Downsides…

Not quite the same – you won’t receive the same attention as in the gym, as your trainer’s view of your technique can be limited by the laptop. This makes it harder for them to correct bad posture and movement, which could lead to injury. Trainers may be reluctant to help you out with new exercises, limiting the variety of workout activities.

Don’t overvalue your skills – your trainer knows your limits. That’s why you pay them right? It could well be that you have that occasional day where you push through the pain barrier and do 10 reps instead of 8. If you’re doing pre-recorded training classes or sessions, then you could over-estimate your power or endurance and leave yourself burned out – or worse still strain a muscle.

You might not get the same results – personal training is all about you. Train with YouTube videos or direct from people who, although with good intentions, do not have the sufficient knowledge and in the long run you will not notice results.Training works when its just right. Therefore, whether online or in person, make sure that you are on the right track.

Isolation – and let’s face it. Only one part of the gym is actually getting fit. Once you’re into your self-development, you often find others with the same mindset as you at your gym.

Kieron, our blog writer, loved coming to the EMS boot camps and HIIT classes and said there was a real atmosphere there and for him it became a great replacement for the pub. Remember if you’re relying on online classes only, then you might miss out on the benefits. Sure it’s easy when you’re motivated, but nothing pulls you through the tough times like gym buddies and trainers.

“Training at home should not be training alone.”

“If you want the best from an online program, try to find one with a good community of like-minded people who share the same goals as you. You’ll find this support invaluable.”

Xavi Gomez – Lead Personal Trainer, EMS Fitness Norwich

Online Training – The Must Haves

If you’re thinking about training at home, use your common sense. Put the following facilities in place to help you create a successful habit:

Take care of your workout space – set aside a specific area in your home for training and keep it clear. Stack your weights and make sure you have space for all exercises. Try a push up or a climber, make sure you have the overhead reach for shoulder presses – whatever your schedule, safety is the number one consideration.

Cut down the distractions – when you’re training, keep your focus on your laptop or screen, so you can closely follow the instructions of your personal trainer. Additionally it’s a good idea to turn off the TV set, ask your partner looks after the children, and shut the door on pets to prevent disturbances.

And It also Helps…

Once you’ve started your schedule of online training, then we’d recommend these tips to keep you on track:

When you compare, you despair – it’s your journey. People are famous for posting on social media about their gains, their losses and their dedication. Remember that photos on Instagram can be taken from different angles, stories don’t always tell the truth and it’s your goals that matter. Watch the media by all means, but don’t compare yourself to your friends, family and neighbours.

Make diet an important factor – especially if you’re looking to lose weight. Dropping the pounds is 30% exercise and 70% diet as a rule of thumb and getting a consistent source of nutrition is vital even if you are not looking to shape up. Eat too much and you’ll put on the pounds, but eat too little and you’ll be jumping up in the night for a bowl of cereal or toast and flagging during the day when you need your oomph.

Get the professional help you need – getting bored of classes and need something to challenge you? Then research the professionals and find one who suits your style. Don’t settle for the first one you find. Have a look around and do interviews if you need to and weight up the pros and cons before settling for a trainer. Remember that a trainer should be for a long time, helping you achieve a lifestyle change. Not just simply one or two goals.

For Some of the Best Online Training (and Gym Sessions in Norwich)

Work with EMS Fitness to get the results you want. We’re happy to see you both online and at our private gym on ABC Wharf, just off King Street. Simply give us a call or drop us an email and we’ll be happy to talk over your fitness needs, goals and even your lifestyle. If you do decide to workout with Xavi, Bea or one of the team then we’ll compose an individual schedule of exercise for you – with advice about diet and nutrition too.