It takes time to even get the posture right. Then it’s a whole-body exercise that can leave you feeling drained and overdone. However together with squats and bench presses, deadlifts form one of the big three essential exercises for great form and training in the gym.

Of course, deadlifts are the full ticket when it comes to boosting muscle and getting your strength and conditioning thing on in full force. However, this isn’t the only plus point for this awesome exercise and in this article, we explore some of the other big reasons why you need to be making deadlifts a staple of at least one session a week.


Improved Grip

 Deadlifts are one of those exercises that can help you get a much stronger and tighter grip. As the hands are the primary muscle that’s always in contact with the bar, you’ll find that this exercise is the fast way to ratchet up the muscles in your hands. If you’re a climber then this is one of the best core exercises to help you in your hobby.

Increased Hormones

 Hormones are generated in our body’s muscles and perform a number of vital functions in regulating our health and well-being. The production of human growth hormone is increased by deadlifts and other weight bearing exercises, which is a vital component in rebuilding our bodies over time and getting the sleep we need at night.

Resilient Back

 We’re all guilty of taking our back for granted and it only takes one wrong move to pull a muscle or put a vertebrae out of joint. Getting good at deadlifts gives your body the technique and poise you need to lift properly, and it strengthens your back to give you the ability to contend with even the heaviest items. Remember that it only takes one injury to damage your back, which may never go back to normal.

Better Cardiovascular Health

Even though we often associate heavy lifting with bulking up and getting bigger, the strain it puts on our bodies actually helps power the performance of your heart and lungs. Deadlifts are a total body exercise that really puts your whole system through its paces and can actually reduce the risk of heart disease and other problems when coupled up with a healthy diet plan.

Crushes Fat

 Yes, deadlifts are one of those exercises that can really help you burn through the calories quickly. The huge amount of energy you need to push your body through the repetitions are an excellent tool for adding to a calorie deficit and ensuring that your muscles start reaching into your bodily reserves of fat to get you past both your workout session and your day.

And Finally…

 If you would like to get some of the benefits of deadlifts into your life then the ideal place to start is EMS Fitness. Give us a call today and book an introductory session with one of our skilled trainers. You’ll be able to build a schedule of exercise and activity that’s based around your own targets, giving you an achievable pathway to help smash your goals.