These Russian weights have gained massive popularity in recent years, with many fitness professionals espousing their benefits. Kettlebells are characterised by a droplet shaped weight that’s held by a handle, with similar dimensions to a kettle, which is where this piece of equipment gets its name. 

When you use a kettlebell, there’s a certain old world charm about the weight that can make you feel something of a strong man or strong woman. But what are the actual benefits of using kettlebells? 

Improves your core strength

The basic kettlebell exercise is the swing. When you first see this movement you might be forgiven for thinking that it’s all about the arms and shoulder, when actually it’s more to do with thrusting the hips forward and pushing with the glutes. Accomplished kettlebell users will semi-squat into the primary positon and then push forward with their body to achieve the swinging motion. This has the same effect as doing a standing spring jump and can help massively strengthen your core. 

Most kettlebell exercises including the snatch and the clean incorporate elements of the swing, and all of them help build your explosive core power. 

Combines Cardio and Weights

Few exercises out there give you a good balance of cardio and weight training. Most exercises focus on one or the other, with bench presses, dead-lifts and squats giving you strength without fitness, whilst treadmills and rowers give you fitness without developing your muscle. 

Kettlebells on the other hand are an exercise system that combines the best of both worlds. You’ll be able to push yourself and develop muscle through the weight, and the continued rhythmical movement of the bell helps build stamina and endurance. Few other exercises offer these benefits together. 

One Weight – Many Uses

Believe it or not the kettlebell can serve as a complete gym in one piece of equipment. And if you have a pair of bells it’s even better. There are so many exercises you can work with these weights very few practitioners know them all. From staples such as presses, cleans and squats through to more oblique disciplines like man-makers, round the worlds, waiter’s presses and even rack walks and Turkish get-ups, not many other weights offer the same range and versatility as a kettlebell. 

Improves Your Every Day Strength

Whilst free weights might target specific muscle groups to give you that swole look that says you’ve been getting jacked down the gym on a one way ticket to rip town, that’s not what everyone is after. If you’re living a more sedentary life then you might simply want to build enough strength to carry the bags back from the supermarket or complete DIY tasks at the weekend. Kettlebells are all about developing full body core strength that gives you that workable muscle that’s more for getting you going than putting on show.

Start Kettlebells Today

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