The power of eggs

The power of the eggs…

It is difficult to know for sure what to eat for breakfast and what to avoid. For a healthy balanced diet there is so much information around us, the messages can be confusing. At EMS Fitness we want to discuss the power of the eggs!

A good example of this misguided nutritional propaganda is the number of people asking us if they can they eat eggs every day? Not many people ask how much cereal is the correct portion or is it the best option for breakfast – although they probably have been told before that eggs are a healthier choice.

The majority of people choose Kellogg’s or toast for breakfast every morning has increased over time because of the old myth we were told that an egg everyday would increase our cholesterol too much.  And now everyone seems hooked on sugary cereal because of expensive marketing telling us it is the ‘healthy’ option.

If the only change you make in your diet is to replace your sad Kellogg’s breakfast with eggs, you will notice the difference! For those trying to lose weight, or others who don’t eat breakfast at all, and those who feel hungry before lunchtime, by eating eggs you will feel ‘fuller for longer’ because of their slow releasing energy. Do not underestimate the power of the egg, a true super food!

The funny thing (or rather tragic) is that much of this nutritional power is in the yolk, not in the whites. Even about half of the protein is in the yolk. By eliminating it, you not only lose that protein, but also decrease the quality of the total protein (lower biological value). Eat the yolks!

Check out our next Power of Eggs Post which will include lots of delicious breakfast recipes which will take less than 5 minutes to cook!