It’s one of the ultimate questions. Cat or dog? Morning or Evening? Cardio or Weights? Fitness aficiandos have often asked the question, which is better for sustained body health and well-being? In this article we intend to ask the question. Of course, like everything in life it’s important to phrase it within the context of your goal. Rather than looking at the extremes of endurance athletes at one end of the scale, and bodybuilders at the other, we thought we’d explore what it takes to achieve a good level of fitness.

Cardio is King

When it comes to consistently burning calories you have to rate your cardio. Want scientific proof? All you have to do is use your eyes and take a look at the Marathon runners out there to see how this exercise makes the pounds fall off. If you like to look svelte and toned then there’s nothing better if you’re already fit – but what if you’re starting out from scratch? After months of sitting on the sofa relaxing, is the ideal way to get back in shape necessarily jumping into big runs and bike rides?

Why Bigger Muscles?

If you’re looking to lose weight and get in shape then there’s more to muscle than simply getting that fitness model look. It’s not about definition, but muscles that are bigger and stronger will simply burn more calories and help you exercise better. And the ideal way to get that extra strength and stamina is through specific weight training.

The Role Diet Plays

Whether you’re looking to bulk up and add muscle or diminish your size by a matter of kilos, you have to notice the effect of diet. Certain foods are dangerous, like sugar, which can play havoc with your appetite and leave you wanting more food and should be avoided regardless of your current food plan. However there is a simple formula, if you eat less calories than you need you will lose weight as your body burns off old stores of fat. Alternatively if you’re looking to build muscle you need to have a good source of nutrition.

The Jury Is In…

We found a scientific test online (  where the results of 119 people had been compared over an 8 month schedule of fitness training. One section did weights, one weights and cardio, and one only cardio. The following was found:

  • The best weight loss came from cardio only and weights and cardio
  • The best body composition came from weights only and weights and cardio

You can clearly see that the ideal way of gaining fitness is lowering your fat and most importantly your visceral fat through weights and gaining more muscle and losing overall bulk from cardio.

Interesting enough in another survey that diet and exercise can create up to 20% more weight loss (

Need Help?

If you want support and help finding a great exercise plan coupled with a strong dietary program then we can help. Xavi and the team at EMS Fitness give you a controlled program of healthy activity in a friendly and supportive atmosphere where you can hit your fitness goals.