With diets in the western world turning towards faster foods, restaurant meals and high sugar snacks, there has been a rise in the number of people developing diabetes type 2. Unlike the more dangerous diabetes type 1, sufferers of this condition can use exercise and a better diet to control the symptoms and even put the disease into remission. In this article we take a look at how living a healthier lifestyle can help.

The Scientific Study

Medical experts in Canada performed a study funded by the country’s Diabetes Association to investigate the impact of exercise on the onset of diabetes type 2. They found that aerobic and resistance training – that’s cardio to those of us that get down the gym – were especially useful when it comes to controlling blood sugar levels. Further studies are undecided on whether exercise can resolve other symptoms of the condition, but many sufferers claim that making a healthy change in their lives and adopting regular sessions of exercise has been beneficial.

Small Changes

According to Sir Muir Gray, senior British physician, if you have diabetes type 2, it can be vital for you to make even the smallest of changes in your life. Simply walking an extra 3000 paces in a day could make all the difference. So put down the car keys and start to walk to the shops for those small items, and carry the bag back. You could even change up for a bike on shorter journeys, not only doing something for yourself but also helping out the planet as a whole.

Take Snacks

According to many articles on the web it’s a good idea to carry a carb rich snack if you are starting a schedule of exercise as this can help you out if blood sugar gets low. Obviously water is always going to be important for anyone who’s exercising, so more importantly let someone down the gym know about your health condition if it isn’t a pre-requirement of your subscription.

Mood and Attitude

Having any kind of health condition is not great. Coming to terms with our own frailty and mortality is difficult and can be depressing. Exercise is not only about physical health but also about mental health and regular sessions at the gym can give you the mindset and attitude you need to get over the depression associated with long term health problems. It’s proven to make you feel great and helps give you the energy to fill your life with the people and activities to support you through difficult times.

Before You Begin…

If you do have type 2 diabetes and you are considering taking up exercise to help alleviate the symptoms then it’s always a good idea to talk to your doctor and ensure that you are 100% OK for any proposed plan. Why not come to EMS Fitness and we can help you draw up a plan of exercise and diet that could potentially aid your recovery and then you can take this to your health worker and implement it as part of your treatment on the road back to energy, vitality and feeling great?