Everyone wants to make a change from time to time but our lifestyle conflicts with giving us enough free time and energy to make this change happen. We might be unhappy with our weight, or feeling tired in the morning and losing energy all day, or your doctor has suggested to reduce body fat and lower your cholesterol.

What often happens in these moments of realisation is a desire for change. This emotional want manifests in the form of motivation. We decide we have had enough of living our life in one way and we want more. This is the vital spark that gets us off the sofa and go to the gym or into our trainers and out for a run… but how do we ensure that it lasts?

Motivation is Fantastic

Some coaches have given motivation a bad name. They claim it is the junk-food of the mind and cannot be used to create lasting success. We want to disagree with this claim. Motivation is exactly what you need to get started. Make sure when you have the feeling, the inclination and the time to make a change you get started. Seize the moment and get out there and try a new way of life. Whether it’s getting down the gym or going swimming, there really is no time like the present to take that first step.

Motivation to Routine

When you first have the energy for change it is vital that you harness this momentum. The sheer joy of completing activities and busting out your early goals feeds into burst of self-realisation that can be quite elevating. Those first gains are often easily won and self a false expectation of the road for real change, which is always hard fought.

Use your early spark to set up a pattern of activity. Motivation at best can see you through the first 2 to 3 months of a new schedule. If you make sure that you set up regular schedules of exercise and diet practice during this time then it can pay dividends in the future.

Routine to Discipline

If you successfully implement a new routine using your motivation this can lead to discipline. When you get up in the morning and don’t feel like running, yet it’s the activity that always forms the bedrock of your day, you might find that you have your shoes on and you’re out the door, simply because you don’t know what else to do.

With a strong embedded pattern in your life, those days where you think you can’t, often become the days where you’re glad you did. Because that essential burst of energy can change your whole perspective.

A Helping Hand

And if you need a little support in getting out of the door with your motivation, then Xavi and the team at EMS Fitness can give you the boost you need. Whether you are pushed for time and need an exercise schedule that fits in with your busy life or want to try the support of a personal trainer – get in touch with us today. We want to add years in your life and life in your years!