Week Three Mood: Tired but satisfied
Weight: 104.7 kg
Diet Overview: Eaten out 4 times this week. Still lost weight.
Additional Activities: 25 minutes a night on the cycling machine

Starting to Get Serious

This is the first week I have really knuckled down. The gym is still some time away but I have managed to get on the bike and cut out sugar from my diet. I know that most people do like something sweet in their life, but I find whenever I have sugar my cravings and appetite goes up the wall. Someone once told me that only dogs need food as a personal reward. With no smokes and drinks in my life it’s therefore all too easy to snack on success.

Weakest Areas Equal Greatest Improvements

Xavi has correctly identified my squats as my weakest areas. I have tight hamstrings and a lack of flexibility. Yoga is one solution and I am going to give that a go next Thursday – but nonetheless we attacked this exercise with a vengeance. Xavi looked at my posture. After years of successfully doing kettlebells I have managed to get a good stance but that doesn’t mean the exercise didn’t kill me. I would have never got through the reps I did without the support of the trainer.

Just the Beginning

Next up it’s the circuits. We’re doing push ups, step ups, slam balls and sit ups followed by thrashing it out on the rower. Every circuit I need to do more calories on the rower and this is absolutely killing me. It’s only 4 minutes per circuit but after the first I feel like I am going to have a heart attack. With my breath burning in my upper chest Xavi will not let it go and leads me to an improved performance on every repetition of the circuit. I finish and feel great.

Walking Wounded

I have a client meeting at 9.45am. After a shower I begin to walk down King Street and everything is ceasing up. My hamstrings are tense and my legs are tense, but ultimately I know I am getting through this. The weight loss already has made me start to think that my fitness goals are achievable and the support is paying off.

I don’t know if it comes across in this blog, but I have to take so much responsibility in my own professional life it really makes a difference when I can be accountable to someone like Xavi, who absolutely has my best interests at heart.

If you would like to get out there and get moving on your weight loss then EMS Fitness is a great place to start. Call Xavi or Beatrice and get the motivation you need to start dropping the kilos. You’ll never look back.