EMS Fitness Blog – Daily Workout You can do at Home

Watch our blog to follow our daily training sessions – we’re going to be putting together a variety of workouts to help you keep it fresh and interesting. Repetitive workouts can lose their challenge. By mixing it up it helps you stay engaged.

Right now the EMS Fitness team is squezing out their brains in the same way you squezze your glutes with a good set of squat, to give you workouts to follow every week.

And to help us better align the courses with your goals, we’re going to be listening to your feedback. Feel free to send us comments by phone, email, WhatsApp or Zoom. We want to know what’s working for you.

WhatsApp, Phone and Email Training

As with all training, it’s essential that you execute the movements correctly and that the schedule of exercise is built around your body, needs and goals. To help you ensure that you’re using the right technique – to talk on matters of diet and nutrition and even mindset, please remember that even though we can be with you personally – we’re only the press of a button away.

How can you contact your trainer at EMS Fitness?

In these special circumstances, all of our trainers are completely committed to providing the widest possible service. Supporting you is our number one concern and trainers will be available during the morning, noon, afternoons and evening to help you organise training sessions and answer questions.

Call us. Send us a WhatsApp. Write us an email. We’re going to be in the same situation as you and would like to do as much as we can. As with everything in life we might not be able to respond straight away – and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

Zoom Based Training

If you haven’t heard of Zoom, it’s the popular video call hosting platform that has gradually replaced Skype over the past 3 years. It’s very stable and you don’t even have to download any software to use it. That’s right. It will run straight from your browser, such as Firefox, Opera or Chrome.

You can attend Zoom sessions either by video or if you’re more comfortable with seeing but not being seen, then simply choose the audio only option. It’s the ideal digital platform for EMS Fitness to host classes.

We’ll be hosting group training classes and personal sessions over Zoom in the coming months. This will include the following:

  • 1-2-1 personal training sessions – if you need accountability, contact and motivation you can stay in touch with Xavi and the rest of the team in your own home.
  • Bootcamp – our Monday night sessions will be taking place. Get that real energy blast with your fitness friends in a communal, supportive environment that will help keep your mind focused.
  • High intensity interval training (HIIT) classes – get the Rocky theme and all of your Tabata training favourites as you jump, pump, squat and burpee your way around your front room.
  • Stretching classes – get yoga and Pilates style flexing from Sarah Percival’s group where she’ll use her gymnastic expertise and fitness training to make sure you have all the bend you need

Click on this link to join us through ZOOM

See you next blog – we’ll be talking about setting up your training space in the home and how you can make it into your own workout zone. Hit this link if you don’t want to miss it…