Every Step You Take… Establishing a New Routine

Last time out, we discussed the easy way to turn your home space into a training ground for fitness. Once you’ve laid down the physical necessities such as your mat, your weights and made some space, then it’s up you to bring the harmony. Take a look here if you have not ready it. Now it’s time to put the final piece in place – letting our rational brain lay down a new routine.

Tidying your mindset and keeping yourself in check is going to help with your discipline.

In moments of crisis, we can respond in one of two ways. Think about the last time you changed job, moved house or had to deal with another stressful situation. There’s your feelings and your rational knowledge. We can either let our feelings, fears and anxiety take over or try to allow our rational minds to lead the way.

Let’s say you were starting a job at anew office. By the middle of the morning, a couple of colleagues might encourage us to join them down at the coffee shop for breakfast. Imagine the situation. Usually you’re happy to go through to lunch without eating and you find coffee makes you feel wired.

But you know what – it’s a new job – and you want to fit in. So you accept that invitation.

Once in the shop, you notice your colleagues going all out. Sugar and syrups in the coffee. One of them orders a donut. The other a big slice of brownie. Together they encourage you to treat yourself. After all, these pastries and cakes are delicious.

Which way do you decide to go? Are you going to let your rational mind or your emotional feelings lead the way? When there is a lot of pressure around and you don’t have a new routine – then you might let your emotion dictate your response to this situation.

Something a little similar is going to happen with your brain in the coming weeks. Our situation in the UK is new. Almost everything is uncharted territory. Our brain has no default automatic response. Answers need to be created as we go. And when we feel exposed we normally make the choice that appeals most to our emotional side. Hence that’s why you end up eating that chocolate brownie and sometimes the donut too.

During these weeks choosing a sweet treats and to miss an exercise class is neither good nor bad – until these events start becoming recurring incidents. A pattern is established that becomes your default setting. Before you know it you’re sitting up till 3 watching just one more episode on Netflix before chowing down on cheap Easter eggs from the supermarket.

Be aware that the decisions you take now lead to the routines of tomorrow. Ultimately you are the judge of what is both good and bad for you. And only you can choose how you achieve this balance. We encourage you to reflect, inspire and accompany us on this journey into the future. Develop the power to take care of yourself.

Remember – decisions become routines, which are then strengthened with discipline. When you feel emotion strike and fear comes into your life. It’s the discipline that’s going to get you through this…