Even though we are perhaps more advanced as a society than we ever have been, this does not mean that we take care of ourselves. A rise in sedentary jobs has seen our workforce become overweight and plagued by problems associated with a lack of exercise as many of us simply walk from our homes to our cars and then drive to wok.

Exercise is now under the spotlight as an essential part of working life. Companies are employing fitness and yoga experts and some are even giving their workforce standing desks. But can exercise really help stop harmful conditions?

In the Media

This article from back in 2013 in the New York Times states that exercise may be better than drugs in some conditions. In many of the programs cited exercise outperforms drugs for stroke prevention and heart failure. Now many doctors in the UK are very proactive in promoting the health benefits of exercise and encouraging people to get to the gym for a long and healthy lifestyle.


One of the most important facets of a regular exercise regime is that it not only helps with existing conditions, but it actually decreases your chances of contracting some of the more serious diseases. It is proven that exercise can help stop:

  • Arthritis – exercise can actually reduce pain and stiffness, improving the full range of motion in people with this condition. Plus weight loss will help ease up the pressure on their joints, whilst strengthening the body will allow muscles to take on more of the strain.


  • Heart disease – it is a well-known fact that exercise lowers the blood pressure and helps you maintain a healthy weight, both of which are important factors in making sure that you prevent heart disease. It can be good to regularly exercise even a small amount every day – just 20 minutes can dramatically reduce your chances of an attack.


  • Diabetes – there has been a surge in the reported cases of type 2 diabetes, which is linked to obesity and dietary problems. Studies show that merely reducing body mass by 5%-7% can have a dramatic reduction in the chances of contracting this condition.


  • Cancer – even the big C can be fought off with a good program of exercise. Regular sessions along with lifestyle and diet control such as quitting smoking and reducing drinking to well below recommended intake levels can also drastically improve your chances of avoiding contracting cancer.

Mental Conditions

Exercise is also great for maintain psychological well-being. Depression can be a problematic condition where sufferers tend to get caught in a loop of self-isolation and anxiety. This can spiral into deep sadness and avoidance. Exercise helps stoke up the brain’s natural endorphins and dopamine, helping regulate the illness and giving the sufferer a reason to get out of the house. It isn’t the only thing that can help, but it is great for maintaining a balance in life.

Your Next Step

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