So whatever the reason, you’ve decided to make the bold move. You’ve joined a personal training studio. Of course, this idea has been bobbling around in your head for some time, but you’re sure you’ve made the right choice.

However, starting anything new can be a little daunting. Even if you have experienced other gyms and personal trainers in recent years. So whether you’re completely coming at this from a place of complete unawareness or you need a refresher – the team at EMS will help make sure you put your best food forward.

Goals are important

One of the first questions you’re going to be asked is: “what do you want to achieve?”. Trainers want to know your goals, health, injuries and pretty much everything about you. This is not because they’re nosey – but rather want to compose an individual schedule of exercise for you. And most important to this is the outcome you’re after…

Therefore it’s vital you answer all their questions with honesty and integrity. The more information you give about yourself, the better the training will be and the faster you will hit your goal.

If you’ve never come up with a fitness training goal before – so you don’t know what’s realistic, then ask your trainer. It’s simple enough to say that you want more fitness, or to lose weight and then your trainer can help you understand what’s involved and the levels of commitment needed to hit different targets.

Let the professionals do the work…

Enthusiasm at the start of anything is crucially important. But remember that jumping on fitness equipment without knowing how it works, or what kind of postures and tension is needed throughout the body’s muscle system, can be dangerous. Let your trainer show you how everything works and then when it comes to the more complex exercises, then allow them to work with you at lower weights to make sure you have the movement down.

Food equals energy

Food isn’t only that stuff that makes you gain weight. Getting the right nutrition for your workouts is essential – you need to ensure that you have a diet that gives you energy without having to resort to sweet and sugary snacks and drinks. Most training centres will have a nutritionist (and many personal trainers are in fact nutritionists) who can help ensure that you have the right diet.

In Your Activewear

Keep your workout wear simple. Go for loser comfy clothing or tight and snug spandex. It’s your choice. Remember to keep the accessories to a minimum (all you need is a water bottle and a towel) and you should be good to go. Dress to sweat and be prepared to make a mess of yourself. Be fashionable by all means, but don’t dress up for the gym.

Keeping Hydrated

In the same way your body needs food, it also will need water. Make sure you have a water bottle and are properly hydrated before you work out. Water will help cool you down between exercises and keeps you properly refreshed.

Warm Up and Stretches

And even though this one is last, it’s vitally important. Getting the right basis for exercise is essential, and it starts with the warming up procedure. Go through the necessary stretches and warm up to get your body adjusted, ready for the workout. Most trainers will instruct you in this process, as its key to ensuring you avoid injury and overexertion.

Getting in Shape for 2021

And if you want to work with a personal trainer in 2021 who can give you everything you need – from a balanced exercise schedule to a supporting nutrition plan – then why not give the team at EMS Fitness a call? We’re completely and totally positive about the coming year and ready to face all its struggles.

So if you want a trainer with a positive mindset that’s going to give you all the tools you need to get through this coming period – then get in touch.