Ask people if they could have any super power, and many will say being able to sleep for 8 hours straight and wake up refreshed.

Why is it sometimes, even when we turn in early, we wake up the next day, feeling tired before we have even started? What would you give to always wake up like new?

Obviously it’s not always possible to get the best sleep. However, there are many modern lifestyle choices that make it harder for us to obtain some clean and beneficial shut eye. Naturally, staying active and having a healthy, balanced lifestyle can ensure that your body is functioning well and aid good sleep – but what other factors can improve overall sleep quality?

  • Schedules and routines. Humans are creatures of habit. We like to do things at the same time, most days. Go to sleep at the same time, and you’ll find it easier to sleep. Alongside waking up at the same time. Try not to get too annoyed if you like early starts – as you’ll probably wake up early at the weekends too.


  • Ban those phones and tablets in bed. Try to make the bedroom a no-go zone for screens altogether and relegate the TV and flat screens to the front room. Most phones and tablets put out a kind of light that tricks the brain into thinking that it’s daytime. And some sleep experts even recommend putting the phone away a good hour before bedtime.


  • Floral and fruit infusions can help. Avoid those that contain theine and go for those containing natural soporifics such as chamomile or valerian. These naturally occurring chemicals can help you nod off faster, and achieve a deeper, more refreshing sleep.


  • Breathing is vital. If you are struggling to sleep, then focusing on the breath can be a marvellous aid to getting into a sleep state. Breathe in through the nose, out through the mouth in a slow, rhythmic fashion. Equally, if you wake and struggle to get back to sleep, remind yourself that this is your sleep time, and you are allowed to enjoy it. Try to tune into your body’s natural relaxation to recover your pathway to sleep.


  • Hot baths are proven to be a great aid to sleeping. Getting your body to the right temperature is crucial for good sleep, and taking some time to sit in the bath is incredibly relaxing. Take a book with you if you really want to get into that comfort zone.


  • Meditation stills the mind and stops worrying. Accompany your breathing with meditation. You can simply pronounce aum to connect with the universe a little better, or alternatively, simply focus on the lips and the parts of the body where you feel the air flow. This rhythmic practice often lets the mind go and wander off by itself, leading you to sleep.


  • Physical exercise is crucial to good sleep. Sit around all day on the sofa, in a semi-sedentary state and you’ll feel restless when you go to bed. Even getting out in the sun, for a good walk of around 40 minutes or 2 miles will improve your quality of sleep. When your body is worn out your mind finds it easier to relax.

And Finally

Yes, even the crew at EMS Fitness find the time to have a good sleep. But if you want to get some serious exercise in to your life, then give us a call and we’ll be wide awake, ready to tell you how we can boost your energy levels and support you in your wider exercise goals.