OK, you’ve managed to protect yourself from social isolation. You’ve signed up to some online 121 PT and group classes with the incredibly positive team at EMS Fitness. All your fitness buddies and the trainers are waiting for you to log in.

There’s one more star that needs to attend. And that’s your home training space. Workouts need to have the space and equipment to allow you to stretch and sweat to get your much needed health kick.

Remember what we said in our first blog. Getting those routines in place during these challenging times is going to be crucial to keeping your fitness regime in check.

Without a clear structure and a space for your exercise it can become all to easy to simply put it off to the next time. And before you know it, you’re sitting on the couch feeling lethargic and listless. It can happen to all of us – and Xavi himself is no exception.

When you have a load of stuff, such as toys or clothing in your fitness area then it can become difficult to work out.  Clutter creates a jam that’s reflected in our minds. You can easily make this into an excuse not to work out. Let’s create a attend classes when the room is clear. Choosing a space as open as possible, as clean as possible, with as few distractions as possible, is a great strategy.

Make the commitment to train now and clear out your workout space and take away all the possible distractions.

Remember that this time is about you. Training is a great antidote to all the stress and negative thoughts that can occur at these moments and together we will get through this – making your workout space all the more crucial.

The difficulties during this time will not be the physical challenges, but rather the mental inertia and blocks. A great workout space is going to form the foundation for your new routine. If you know you have a class coming up – then clean it in the morning and get your equipment in place.

Make sure you have enough room to swing kettlebells, lift weights, perform burpees and sit ups and tell anyone else in your home that you don’t want to be disturbed. If you have small children then shut the door and ask your partner very kindly to watch them – and make sure you return the favour when they want some much needed space.

There’s still enough time to buy goods from around the city – remembering to keep a safe distance in the shops. Get a mat or yoga mat and investing in extra equipment can act as an extra commitment to get you training. Don’t let the darkness win. Make sure you do everything to take a stand against feeling low and the worry.

Next time our we’re going to talk about how to make your own routines and lay down the tracks for a good bit of discipline over the coming weeks.