Dinner is one meal that people never skip. It’s something that’s part of our nation’s consciousness as a family affair where you sit down and have a chat – even if it might be in front of the TV or computer these days. However, it’s all too easy to let this meal become one of convenience at the end of a long day – rather than thinking about what’s good for you. However, with a little thought you can make better choices for dinner.

Lean Protein

Although it seems like the fashion these days to go vegan, we’d always advise that meat proteins are more readily available and don’t require you to eat so many carbs. Try less fatty meats swerving the steak and sausages in favour of cod, salmon and chicken. All of these fish can be gently roasted in the oven with herbs and spices to get the flavour you want without having to rely on rich, creamy sauces or gravies.

Five a Day

Try to make at least half your plate green, red and other colours – avoid the dreaded beige food with a ton of vegetables and fruit. You can always jazz up steamed vegetables with a squeeze of lemon or some pine nuts, whilst keeping on the right side of your personal trainer. Remember that five a day is the baseline minimum and the more fruit and veg you can get into your system – the better your energy levels, concentrate and mood.

Healthier Carbs

Forget the chips and the heavy potato and pasta based dishes. No one is saying that you should drop the carbs completely as they are a vital part of any diet. However, you should be looking at wholegrain options – such as multispeed bread and wholegrain pasta to make sure you’re getting that slow release energy that comes with a decent dose of fibre.

Get Creative

Even though it might be hard to come up with something imaginative at the end of the day, ultimately food is best when it’s combined. Put your vegetables and lean protein together in a stew or casserole in the colder months, go for a stir fry when you need something quick and a chef-style salad with eggs, tuna, chicken and other proteins is delicious in the summer. There’s loads of options and choice. All you have to do is be a little bolder and riff off other recipes and the chances are you’ll be surprised by the results.

Sweet Tooth?

Many people like to end their meal with a dessert as a sugary treat. Unfortunately this is not the healthiest option, with sugar delivering an insulin spike and an energy rush, which leads to empty hunger and cravings later on. And that’s before you even consider all those calories going straight to the energy store. Consider making a fresh change to the ice cream and chocolate mousse with some fresh fruit. Softer options like strawberries and blueberries are great when they’re in season, but even a slice of pineapple with Greek yoghurt and a spot of cinnamon can be delicious. For those who can’t live without a sweet kick, why not try honey?

And Finally

If you want to develop a schedule of exercise and diet that’s based around your fitness and weight loss goals, then why not make EMS Fitness your next port of call? Our trainers will work with you to build an individual nutrition plan that’s backed up by activity – giving you the plan for a healthy lifestyle that can last well into the future.