Everyone knows the importance of breakfast. But lunch is one of those meals that people seem to push around, have out and about on the go and don’t really seem to give the same attention. However, during a working week, a good lunch is necessary for you to maintain energy levels, keep the concentration up, and stave off hunger.

The question is however, with so many choices out there, how can you have a healthier lunch?

Plan Ahead

If you want to eat a healthy lunch then it’s important that you plan ahead. Most cities and towns are full of fast food establishments and min markets serving you sandwich and crisp meal deals that will keep you full for about an hour before you’re crying out for more sustenance. Avoid the fat traps and sugary snacks by planning your meal in advance.

Don’t Skip Lunch

Many people in office jobs simply skip lunch. They might have an apple, orange or a slight bowl of soup to quench their hunger, but this is not a good way to live. Skipping lunch actually causes your metabolic rate to slow down, making it not only harder to lose weight, but actually causing your hunger to spike later in the day. If you’re not eating lunch, chances are you’re more than making up for it with bigger dinners and snacks in the evening.

What to Eat

When you’re planning your lunchtime meal consider the following:

  • Stack up the vegetables – you can bring in your previous evenings veg in liquidised form if you fancy an impromptu soup, or the smarter money goes on a nice salad, which can contain all kinds of good stuff to bring out the flavour to the veg. Consider a nice bit of egg and tuna or even chicken and anchovies and you’re looking at a complete meal.


  • Whole grain is better – when it comes to lunch, some people simply can’t stay away from a sandwich. If you have to have a wrap, bap or baguette then clinch the deal with the wholemeal option. Look for seeds and grains in the mix too as these can provide a ton of extra nutrients.


  • Lean proteins – stay away from the beef and horseradish fillings for your wholemeal sandwiches and veer towards chicken and salmon. Even though cheese has long been a lunchtime favourite, remember that calorific types such as cheddar and stilton can safely be replaced by feta or even low fat soft cheese.


  • Spice not salt – even though salt is a good way to get flavour into food, it’s not that great for your heart and arteries. Watch out for hot sauces too – which many people use instead of mayonnaise. With many of these the salt content is through the roof. Experiment with pepper and coriander, mix a bit of mint into your salad and try Dijon mustard instead of mayo. Use a little imagination to get a whole host of different flavours.


  • Fruit for that sweet tooth – many people like to reward themselves with a little sugar when they’re at work. Going through the same thing over and over again can be laborious and it’s nice to treat yourself. Instead of going for the chocolate bars, peanut butter cups or soft drinks, why not try a lovely fruit salad? Get up on your five a day and don’t deal with that empty hunger created by too much sugar.


A Final Word

If you want to have a complete plan of diet and exercise then why not get in touch with the friendly people at EMS Fitness? We’ll be able to help you compose a good schedule of activities when combined with a proper diet will give you the basis for a happy confident – where you’ll get the energy you need to succeed.