How do you manage your water intake? The body is about 60%-70% water. This means that you need plenty of the wet stuff to keep you running properly. We constantly lose water from our bodies as waste products in urine and through sweat, even in winter, which keeps us cool.

Most health experts would recommend that you drink a good 2 litres a day or 8 small half pint glasses. Failure to do so can have some unwanted knock on effects such as an increase in headaches or a drop in general vitality and mood.

Drinking your daily dose of water is said to help keep your bowel movements regular and there are even some studies that show staying hydrated could reduce your risk of cancer and kidney stones.

So what’s the best way to manage your water intake on a daily basis?

Buy a Bottle

If you are unsure of how much water you need to drink then why not buy a sports bottle? You can purchase larger containers that allow you to track your intake throughout the day and see exactly how much you have drunk. Some people like to buy the larger 2 litre bottles from supermarkets and drink them during the day to ensure they get their fill, which is perfect if you prefer to stay away from the tap.

Drink Regularly and Often

Rather than seeing your 2 litre target as a single goal, try to see it as an ongoing task that needs to be completed throughout the day.  Sip rather than gulp your water and take periodic mouthfuls rather than draining your glass all at once. If you are not used to this it can take a little while to master, but soon enough you will be taking draughts of water all the time, helping you stay hydrated.

What Kind of Water?

Some people recommend sports drinks as fluid and whilst these have added sodium, which can help with water retention, be wary of sugars and sweeteners. Equally it may be refreshing to drink ice cold water from the fridge, but this can actually shock your digestive system and slow down the natural activity of intestinal bacteria. Ideally water is best drunk on its own, from a glass at room temperature.

Coffee and Tea

Many diet bloggers and advice articles will tell you that tea and coffee dehydrates you. This is certainly true of caffeine, but the liquid in coffee and tea still counts towards your 2-3 litre intake on a daily basis. Avoid the sugar syrups and the heavy milk drinks to ensure you are getting your hydration and try not to go over 5 cups a day. But otherwise there’s nothing wrong with getting this liquid down you.

Of course, drinking enough water is only part of the whole picture. To stay fit and healthy you must continue to take exercise and practice good dietary health. Eating a balanced diet, avoiding sugar, not smoking and only drinking within your recommended limit are all necessary for good vitality.

If you would like to work with a great personal trainer who can give you help with all the other areas – give EMS Fitness a call… It will still be up to you to manage your water intake.