Having a good body posture is about more than physical appearance. Yes, standing and sitting up correctly can improve self-confidence. Most importantly however, posture plays a vital role in preventing joint, muscle and bone injuries.

With the rise of computer and office jobs, many of us have now adopted a sedentary lifestyle, where we sit at desks for long periods of time. Incorrect positions can lead to health problems that occurring gradually. Fortunately however, strengthening muscles and conditioning the body can correct these minor disparities with a good, regular workout routine.

Why is body posture so important?

Often, the modern lifestyle seems to sit at odds with body posture.

Poor posture can lead to serious discomfort and even injury, such as back and neck pain. Also carrying excess weight (such as a bulging belly) can impact the way we sit or stand, placing additional pressure on our muscle and bone structure. Working on your posture, whilst reducing weight is the ideal way to correct any issues, limiting  the impact of long term stresses and strains.

Good body posture also means more body confidence.  You look better in the mirror, which in turn means you feel more comfortable when in front of others, either at work or in social settings. Making changes to your posture is a simple matter of effort and commitment – all that’s need is a little dedication and the support of a good personal trainer.

Improve your body posture with training

With a good understanding of the correct posture for the body, especially the back, and a schedule of regular physical exercise we can end discomfort and pain. Well composed strength training prevents, reduces and can even eliminate a large percentage of the ailments caused by strains and postural problems.

A good trainer will help you compose a workout routine that compensates areas of muscle structure that have been weakened by poor posture, reducing the associated pain. Muscle groups impacted by repetitive motions can be strengthened and those that are not getting the attention can be worked with heavier motions.

Benefits of good posture

Get the correct posture in your body and..

  • Reduce pain from movement – especially in the back. The group of muscles in our backs can cause compression and tension in many other areas of the body. Back issues often show up in daily activities and performance sports. Good posture will keep stress and strain away from your back.


  • Good breathing – when your posture is good, your lungs can inflate properly and your diaphragm can move more freely. Increased oxygen to the brain aids thinking and concentration .


  • Self-image and self-esteem – being your best, most attractive self with help you project a confident, assured image when you go out into the wider world. Ultimately this promotes your good mood and mental well-being.

The EMS Fitness Posture

Get the support you need from the EMS Fitness Team to correct your posture and reclaim a life of fitness and vitality. Talk to one of our team who can advise you on an exercise scheme that will help you achieve your goals. We’re a friendly, boutique gym that offers individual sessions, where all of our focus is placed on you.