Week One Mood: Happy to get started.
Weight: 107.0 kg (16.8 stone)
Diet Overview: So many burgers. So little time.
Additional Activities: I purchased a cycling machine. No, I didn’t take it out of the box.

The Story So Far…

I’m Kieron Bain. I write, do public speaking and can spend a whole load of time resting on my proverbial laurels at a desk. Getting down the gym is an important part of my life in terms of staying in shape and maintaining energy – so I was left adrift when my gym closed in June.

Couple my inactivity with a whole load of bad dietary habits that consist of chocolate before bedtime, burgers anytime I damn well like and biscuits with every cup of coffee and you’re getting the picture. Fear set in every time I approached the scales, but when I finally bit the bullet, I found I am the heaviest I have been in 5 years.

A Big Decision

Weeks of watching my waistline expand to the point where I can now hardly get into my jeans and all the buttons flying off my fancy shirts had led me to draw a line in the sand. After wasting time on the beach where I inhaled a couple more ice creams I decided to get a personal trainer.

Xavi was a regular trainer down at Style. I had got to know him and his lovely partner Beatrice through business networking and he was very keen for my business. One of my rules in life is that I only work with people I like personally – and Xavi’s friendly and funny yet professionally motivated attitude is very similar to my own. In short, I knew we’d get on, so he was the first and only name on my list for the job.

Getting to Grips

Xavi arranged to meet me at his new gym and I was impressed with the layout. For a single session it’s perfect. Good machines, great weights and clean room with mirrors in all the right places. “What are my goals?” Xavi asks. “Losing 20kg” I reply, knowing that’s exactly where I was this time last year. Apparently getting this weight shifted by next April is achievable and a date was chosen for the start.

Whatever have I let myself in for?

Want to know what happened in the first session? Check back on Monday for the lowdown… And if you want Xavi to help you get back on track with your fitness… Then make that call !