Have you ever sat there and thought about changing your life? If you are unfit or you are carrying a lot of weight then this can seem like a journey with far too many steps. However, there could be a Japanese philosophy that could help you out. Kaizen is usually applied to business process and it concerns the art of continual fine tuning and improvement. It looks at making small changes that make a little difference all the time rather than leaps in understanding.

Kaizen can be applied to anything. But when you are starting out from nothing, don’t think about the biggest jump you can make. Trying to do everything at once can leave you burned out and dissatisfied with life. So what are some of the smallest bumps you can make with exercise?

Kaizen for Exercise  

Adopting a Kaizen approach to exercise can take place in several ways, depending on what kind of outcome you are looking to achieve. Consider some of the following:

  • Running – want to get into running? All you have to do is start with 30 seconds every single day of a week. See how you feel. What was it like to put on the shoes and take a few steps? Getting into the swing of it and taking those first steps out of the door is the impetus you need to take things further.
  • Weight Training – some trainers argue that there’s no better way to get fit and lose the flab than hitting the weights. When you haven’t done any activity for a while this can seem a little daunting at first so how about getting a set of the smallest weights and doing 5 bicep curls a day to begin with? Even this little bit of activity will get you in the mindset about making time for session each day, every day.
  • Going to the gym – thinking of starting the gym? Rather than going and getting involved, all you have to do is walk to the door of the gym, turn-round and travel back home. The psychological commitment in leaving the house, shutting the front door behind you and travelling is enough in the first instance to start embedding this behaviour in your life. Do it for a week and you will be raring to go through that door.

Stepping Up the Pace

Once you have made the first in roads into an activity the next move to make is gently increasing the difficulty. Rather than choosing to make huge leaps into activities that are really pushing you out of your comfort zone,  which have a degree of failure and burnout attached to them, why not try a smaller step. Whatever measurement of activity you are using, try doing 10%-20% more. Not only will it be easier to make that leap, you will feel good about the achievement too.

Getting Started

Whether you want a slow start to fitness or you’re ready to dive in at the deep end, EMS Fitness is waiting to help you out. With the personal attention that’s all about finding the right style and energy for you, our programs range from weekly sessions in the boutique gym through to exercise schedules supported by our EMS technology to help you meet your fitness goals. For more information – get in touch and let us know.