We’ve already made it through September. Traditionally a month of rebirth and getting back to life; schools, jobs and routines, after the hottest months. 2020’s summer break was certainly tough. For many people a time of celebration, parties, weddings and friends. This year it felt like the brakes were on. Today, people are more unsure than ever of how the UK will contend with the current situation.

It’s not great. And we’re all feeling it out here. Local lockdowns are possible, or even a national shutdown again, which can bring with it additional worries and concerns. Instead of focusing on what we can’t control, it’s important to focus on the aspects of our life, however small, that give us personal strength and clarity.

Look at the different factors that help you feel good. Go to bed early, wake up or going out for a walk. These are all great places to start. Then when you’ve found a rhythm it’s great to take on mindfulness, yoga classes, learning to cook healthier meals and of course, exercise in all it’s forms.

Many people who have exercised and worked out all their lives have suffered from setbacks. Even if you’ve never stepped inside a gym, there will be points in life where you’ve had to dig deep and make a change. Doing something differently doesn’t happen with big decisions. It happens one step at a single time. That’s when you find out you’re doing the walking.

There’s always that feeling inside yourself that you need to launch 110% into everything. All too often this can make early failures disheartening, when you’re actually not giving yourself a chance. There’s nothing wrong with having a drink or watching a whole evening of Netflix. You don’t have to stop with anything – it’s about having a balance and giving yourself time to reward yourself with relaxation, rather than making it your go-to habit.

Personal reinvention is not the name of the game. Doing the smaller things one step at a time will give you much faster progress than you expect. You can turn round your emotive state and find the strength to detach from the nonstop cycles of social media and news.

And over time these habits will become a daily routine. You’ll find you’re going to bed earlier when you’ve done more varied tasks with your day. Exercise makes you feel more energised and in turn able to contend with the difficulties that are one of the only inevitable things in this situation.

Ultimately you’ve got the power to see yourself through the next months. And be supportive and there for your loved ones when they’re struggling. Don’t you deserve looking after – and with small steps, you’ll soon find that you’re in a much better place throughout these coming autumn and winter months.