Day to day life is always complex. And if training at home was easy, people wouldn’t flock in their droves to the gym. Many of us have been training hard for years at our favourite fitness establishments, but we can still find it difficult to keep the momentum, energy and positive mindset necessary to push ourselves in our front rooms, lounges and gardens.

At EMS Fitness we’re going through exactly the same journey as you. And we’re committed to using our community, teamwork and togetherness to make a difference. Let’s be united, creating healthy routines and habits that give us the strength to make it through the coming weeks.

And to come out on the other side to face whatever challenges are waiting on the horizon.

After listening to all of our clients we have put together several different packages to accommodate your needs. These are as follows:


And remember – even if you don’t want to get involved with any of our group classes or personal training sessions then you can still check out our blog for free.

We’re posting regular home workouts that help you keep your exercise sessions fresh and interesting… Helping you achieve a balanced set of activity that pushes and challenges you in all the right ways.

Looking forward to seeing you soon. And together we can get through this…

All the best

Xavi and Beatrice (and Kieron)