We’ve decided to take a look at diet. We’re always looking at exercise and whilst getting fit and active is important, when it comes to weight loss what you eat is without a doubt the biggest factor. And when it comes to diet, if you are not getting all the nutrients, vitamins and energy that your body needs eventually you’re going to crash and simply seek out the foods you’ve been missing. So in this article we look at one of the primary elements of a good diet – protein.

What is Protein…And Why is it Important?  

Protein is one of the most vital elements of anyone’s diet. From proteins the body forms amino-acids which are also known as the building blocks of life. Protein allows your body to grow, repair and replenish helping you stay strong and fit.

With athletes and high performance fitness individuals, protein is possibly the most important part of their diet, fuelling muscle growth and development. This is why you see some sportspeople eating incredible diets full of meat, eggs and protein rich foodstuffs.

Protein is in every cell in your body from blood through to bones and your body even uses it to create vital hormones an enzymes that keep your body nice and healthy. A good balance of this nutrient in your diet ensures you recover quickly after a big session down the gym, you don’t lose muscle as you diet whilst keeping a good weight and managing hunger.

Dangers of Not Enough Protein

Some of the problems associated with not having enough protein in your diet include the following:

  • Fat accumulation in the liver – when the body does not have enough fat transporting proteins this can lead to a build-up of fat in the liver.
  • Skin, hair and nail problems – such as thinning hair, faded hair colour and brittle nails can occur as a result of a diet that’s lacking in protein.
  • Loss of muscle mass – if the body does not have enough protein it will start to take protein from skeletal muscles in the body to preserve more important bodily functions.
  • Increased risk of bone fractures – not consuming enough protein will weaken your bones and has been linked to a lower bone mineral density.

Where Can You Find Protein?

Without question the best source of protein is from animal products like meats, eggs and cheese. Obviously some of these come with a lot of fat attached to them, so it’s advisable to do a little research and look for high protein, low fat foodstuffs like chicken breast, which is a favourite amongst bodybuilders.

Vegetarians and vegans are at a little bit of a disadvantage when it comes to protein, but not as much as some people think. There are many sources of protein including oats, almonds, broccoli and lentils that are often overlooked in favour of the more conventional sources. But with vegan diets now becoming more mainstream there are even a number of sports professionals espousing the benefits of a no meat diet.

Want a Better Diet?

Getting a good diet is about taking on a balance of all the nutrients you need for life without missing anything out. If you would like to change the way you eat as part of a weight loss program together with the exercise to make the difference sustainable then EMS could be in the ideal position to help you out.

Simply contact Xavi or Beatrice and discuss your diet and exercise needs – we can come up with a custom built plan that takes into account lifestyle and goals for a healthy future.