Just like Arnie said…

Still want to compete? Still want to feel the heat? Well now you can up your game with EMS Fitness. We’ve had the go ahead from the government – that as long as we respect social distancing and hygiene regulations – we’re greenlit to go and break some serious sweat in the bold outdoors.

And ultimately with the heat scorching down – who doesn’t want to grind out a session amongst the grass? That’s why we’re turning our local parks – alongside 3 spacious Norwich gardens – into some beautifully green gyms, where you can rock up for a 45 minute personal training session

Yeah. You know what? I do miss the gym. But I’m sorry. That’s the way it is for everyone. As soon as we get the all clear, and the country starts to heal from the last few months – we’ll be back in business with everyone wishing for Zoom sessions again. Where they could hide behind the sofa from Xavi’s functional training schedule.

So let’s have a look at our locations:

  • There’s the bijoux golden triangle garden – relax in the more affluent suburb of the City of Stories. Relaxed and easy going. Until your training session starts.


  • Or try the Norwich’s grand park Mousehold – the rolling heath, coarse grasses and big landscapes make you feel like you’re on an adventure with Conan the Barbarian as you heft those kettlebells.


  • And finally the legendary Chez Gomez – the matrimonial pad of our lovely founders. You could be honoured enough to come play in their garden.


What Will Training Be Like?

It will be bad. But not bad in a bad way. Bad in a good way. Like moon-walking or maybe hitting a less complicated dance move.

You’ll get outside, get working in the fresh air, and feel even more motivated to hit your personal goals.

And we’d love to see you there. Whether you’re one of our regular clients – who we’ve been together with us, through all this difficult time, or a new face looking for a new challenge. Fitness and getting people active is our lives, and we love to see that energy grow and change you for the better.

Because of this our classes will still focus on peaking your best athletic performance.  Mobility, stability, strength and metabolic conditioning all combine like the Powerpuff girls to create our legendary MSMS system – designed to squeeze your juice and get you going. Power up your session by running or cycling on the way there…

Accountability, motivation and discipline await. Even with the fun – it’s still most definitely fitness. We’re always dedicated to getting you the result you want.

All you have to do is wear your best activewear and bring a towel, water and your PPE – and let EMS Fitness bring the everything else.

If you want to book then let us know – hit us up on Facebook or here’s our digits, so you can make that call… 01603 517 920


And Now the Necessary Information for Our New Normal

Obviously when it comes to health there’s no joking around. We’ve maintained our lockdown for the last months and become very strict about our own hygiene standards. Masks will be work by all trainers and we clean all equipment with antiseptic detergents.

If you feel masks impede your breathing then you can opt not to wear a mask, as long as the appropriate distance is maintained at all times between you and your trainer. We recommend however that masks are worn.

Minimising risk is about vigilance and routine. We work to quickly establish some workable boundaries with you – which we give to everyone when they first come for an outdoor session with us. It takes about 5 – 10 minutes, and won’t be taken from your exercise time.

This way we can totally respect regulations – and stay fit and healthy – whilst we’re keeping fit and healthy. And have some fun.


Finally – The Small Print

We’d love to have everyone with us, but unfortunately there’s a maximum of 2 per class.

You do however get 45 minutes of red hot exercise action. All built around you.

We’re going to get busy based on the Feedback we’ve had from everyone – so give us a week’s notice, and we’ll get you in the diary. However, because it’s outside there’s no cancellations unless we get rain – when we’ll give you a Zoom session to make up for it.

Other than that. You do need to bring your best attitude. Come to train. Come to play. Come to succeed and ultimately…

Come to Excel with EMS Fitness.

Look forward to seeing you there.