Sleep – Why Is It So Important?

When you’re young you seem to be able to get by on no hours at all and as you get older sleep becomes increasingly vital. Is this because you’re less able to perform when you’re older or simply due to an increased range of responsibilities? Either way, sleep is a vital component of a healthy lifestyle for a number of important reasons.

Maximise the Benefits

Without proper sleep there’s not much point exercising. It’s when you rest that your body does a lot of the so called work in helping you achieve fitness and building muscle. Sleep gives your body the ability to produce growth hormone which makes your body grow when you’re younger and build lean muscle when you’re older. It’s essential for a fit and active lifestyle.

Regular Exercise and Sleep

Not only does sleep help you keep off the pounds and lower your general levels of stress, but guess what? Getting down the gym or out onto the playfield can actually make sure that when you get some shut eye, you’re getting some serious zeds under your belt. Many people these days complain about lack of quality sleep time and some even claim that Europe and America are in the grip of an insomnia epidemic. But more often than not this is down to the fact people are simply sitting at their desks all day and then jumping in the car and not getting the exercise they need.

What’s more, when you’ve had a great night’s sleep you’ll notice that you have a much more increased performance down at the gym. Giving you strength, focus and most importantly a great mood and the concentration you need to really push yourself.

Sleep and Fatness

Can you lose weight through sleep? It’s unlikely but getting less than 6 hours a night is linked to weight gain and obesity. You simply are not getting the refreshment and replenishment you need and your body becomes tired. Lack of energy in turn leads to bad habits like chomping on more chocolate to get the energy to see you through the day and turning to fatty snacks and even caffeine, which can further impact your sleep.

Getting On It

The one time it’s best not to exercise is after you have pulled a major all nighter. Even though exercise may blow through that hangover you’re better giving yourself a couple more hours in the sack before you decide to leap out of bed and hit the weights. Make sure you’ve had a full 7 to 8 hours rest and if you can’t sleep then try to grab a few more hours in the day and go down the gym in the evening.

Break the Cycle – Make the Commitment

Getting good sleep starts with having an active and engaged lifestyle. You need to break down the cycle of poor sleep and low energy by kicking things into place with a fitness regime and a plan. Get in touch with the team at EMS Fitness to start turning your life and quality sleep hours around to get the energy you need for today’s active world.