Week Five Mood: Getting there and getting on 

Weight: 102.3 kg (16.1 stone)

Diet Overview: Dreading the cheese-fest –and the chocolate.

Additional Activities: Regular jaunts on the bike have ceased

Doing well

Getting towards Christmas and I have had a big project on – and have not had time to do my regular exercise sessions. In my head I wanted to get down below 100kg before the break and I had not managed to achieve this, but I had come pretty close. With little exercise over the past few weeks outside of the sessions I was surprised to have even lost weight on this occasion.

A big part of this change has been making the commitment to come to EMS on every Wednesday morning and work with Xavi. Knowing I have this support makes the world of difference and Xavi was super excited to see that I had still lost weight without being mad on the bike.

Fear of flu

There is something not quite right with my body. I don’t know what it is but I am one of these people who seems to always be on the verge of getting a cold. I probably work too hard and don’t look after myself quite as well as I should. Fear of coming down with something has made me very nervous about exercising this month and I have been keeping the strains to a minimum as in the past overexertion has been a trigger in colds and coughs.

12 Days of Workouts

So on the 18th I managed to get to EMS. Let’s get down to the hard work of what actually happened at the gym. Xavi had organised a special workout schedule based on the 12 days of Christmas and it was a killer. One of his fellow BNI members – Jonathan White, posted a video of this workout on Facebook.

We worked through a selection of planks, supermen, squats, sit ups, step ups and all sorts of crazy exercises. When I first saw the schedule I thought that there was no way of actually getting through it all, but Xavi has this way of aiming each workout so it takes you pretty much to the very edge of what’s capable.

By the end of this workout I was pretty much ready to be served for Christmas Day dinner – because my turkey was truly done.

The Christmas Break – Reality Bites

Over Christmas all my good intentions have slowly whittled away. I fell into a vat of cheese and whilst I did not over indulge, I feel like I certainly did not stick to a diet either. I am back in the gym again this week and going to see where we are with my progress. However, I know with the support of EMS Fitness I am going to get pushed to that extra level.

Let’s get moving. This isn’t about New Year’s Resolutions. This is about a solid commitment to a lifestyle change that I want to last.

And if you want to make a commitment to yourself then why not give Xavi a call at EMS Fitness and get your 2018 moving in the right direction? There’s never a better day to start to change than today.