“We first make our habits – then our habits make us” – John Dryden


At the moment, even our lifestyles 2 weeks ago seem like a distant memory. Surely life will return to normal? Perhaps, it will – but the timing is definitely uncertain. Everyone is now facing uncharted territory where we’re going to have to quickly adapt our lifestyles – into a new routine that could last for weeks or even months.


What will life be like in 3 months? How different will our lives be when this crisis passes – hopefully in the immediate future? Changes to key systems including working lives, the economy and the health service could well be on the horizon.


However, isn’t it better that we focus on the factors in our lives that we can control – laying down routines and habits that will help sustain our lifestyles?


There are dozens of choices to make. Take breakfast for instance. Let’s say you always grabbed something on the go – maybe near your place of work. Now you have to cook or make an alternative at home. What’s the healthy option – what are you going to make instead? You probably have no idea.


Many of the simple facets of your life will change and you’ll be left wondering what to do. What was once commonplace and in the background of your life suddenly requires more thought and vision.


And many of these decisions will further shape your life. Choosing fatty foods or to laze around with no exercise will have inevitable consequences for your bodyand your energy levels and mindset for the future.  And you could even feel that there are more important choices to make than whether to do some sit ups, but taking care of yourself at this time has never been more important.


As we get older it becomes increasingly difficult to establish a new routine. And it only takes a few wrong steps to lose it.


Over the coming weeks we’re going to create new habits and routines whether we like it or not. And after 3 months we’re going to have to live with the results. If you’re a sporty, fit and active person this could result in a loss or energy – putting on weight – and losing your general health.


And of course, one of the key areas that’s most at risk is your exercise plan.


Most people go to the gym because it’s hard to work out at home. It’s easy to find something else to do, get distracted, forget or simply stop exercising due to laziness. It’s got nothing to do with how good you are at working out. It’s about creating routines.


Let EMS Fitness help you out. We’re going to be exploring different tips and tools to support your fitness journey, allowing you to maintain your quality of life. Diet and exercise are amongst the most important contributing factors to your well-being. With a strong mindset, a positive attitude and a healthy body – we’ll be able to successfully beat this virus.


Take action now – start making the difference today.


We know that you’re a dedicated sportsperson and take your fitness and health super seriously. In the next few days, you’re going to be facing unfamiliar challenges that have almost nothing to do with strength, flexibility or aerobic endurance.


Ahead lies three potential stumbling blocks that you need to be overcome – and fortunately for you we’re going the be looking at them in our next 3 blogs…


Follow the links and discover how to…


  1. Protect yourself from Social Isolation

  2. Create a Good Space to Train

  3. Establish your New Routine