One thing that’s certain in our uncertain world is the advancement of technology. And the most advanced form of personalised, physical training available to the public in East Anglia today is electrostimulation. Guess what? We currently offer it at our private fitness studio at ABC Wharf on King Street.

Originally developed as a form of specialist injury recovery, electrical muscle stimulation (recognise those initials?) was found to also greatly aid fitness and strength training in healthy people. Now, we’re able to offer this exercise system to people who are looking to take a step further in their daily training – or to simply maximise workouts when they don’t have a great deal of time in the day.

You’re probably wondering how this advanced exercise system works…

Electrostimulation activates many muscle groups during the course of a 30 minute session. Electrodes are attached to key points on the body and an electrical impulse is delivered during an exercise routine, causing a contraction that push the muscle that little bit further than a normal workout. Around 350 muscles are worked out simultaneously without giving the body a chance to relax – allowing us to internally activate muscle fibres, whilst making them contracted more rapidly.

Additionally electrostimulation allows us to train the body with less weight since we are already placing considerable stress on the muscle. The electrical impulses ensure that your body receives a consistent stimulus that increases tension and consequently the effectiveness of your training is maximised. Believe it or not just 30 minutes of working out with the EMS system could give you the same results as 3 hours of traditional gym work.

Yes, we have this system available at our fitness boutique. In fact, we’re so proud of it, that we named our business after it. EMS is the most advanced technology currently available in the fitness space and we have a number of trainers who are more than proficient in using it to achieve some great results in our clients – choosing the right level of electrical power and stimulation on an individual basis.

It’s not one of those fitness systems that needs a ton of preparation either. Many athletes even combine it with training for other sports. However we would recommend alternative training schedules for people with heart conditions, epilepsy and diabetes and for pregnant women.

EMS Fitness will deliver rapid results. That’s why it’s been experiencing such hype in the celebrity news with public figures including Elizabeth Hurley, Heidi Klum and Madonna turning on to its fantastic results.

Why not try it?

If you think EMS Fitness could give your fitness levels, muscle tone and energy the boost you’ve been after for a long time – then give us a call or drop us an email. Talk to Xavi or one of the team to arrange a consultation and we’ll talk you through whether this is the right training option for you.

See you soon…