Starting the day with the right kind of food gives you the energy you need to get through the day. Get breakfast right and you’ll be set up for a good appetite that bounces away challenges. Leave yourself short and you could find that before long too many spoons of sugar are going into the tea or coffee and the odd chocolate bar or sausage roll is floating into your diet regime.


What’s the best way to get your engine running in the morning so that you have a firm basis for good nutrition all day, every day?


Best Breakfast Formula


According the experts the ideal formula for breakfast is carbs plus protein. In this sense the classic British idea of eggs on toast isn’t too far off the mark, although many people like to swerve the starchy quality of white bread and vegans aren’t too hot on animal proteins.


The most common mistake is that people are not getting the right level of protein with their cereal. You can try full fat milk for protein, with some people liking to really mix it up and go for low fat Greek yoghurts in the morning. If you are a vegan then it’s not a bad option to look at green beans, broccoli and legumes to get yourself more protein.


Eating Before Workouts?


You may hear some experts saying that you’re better off exercising on empty. There are theories that this burns more calories, but we’d disagree. Your body needs a certain amount of energy to get you through the session. Of course, this doesn’t mean you should be chomping down steak, eggs and chips ten minutes before hand, but getting set up properly with a good hour of digestion before you start your workout will mean you maximise your personal levels.


What Are Good Breakfast Foods?


Some of our favourite breakfast foods include the following:


  • Coffee and tea – believe it or not the slight stimulant boost on offer from caffeine will help you get motoring in the morning and experts say that between one and four cups actually boosts your metabolic rate to the point where your body does more work.


  • Nuts – struggling to find a good source of protein? Mixed nuts contain all kinds of goodness from fatty proteins that boost energy through to your daily dose of selenium that you’ll find in a single Brazil nut. And they’re tasty too, mixing perfectly with many whole-wheat and oat cereals to jumpstart the flavour.


  • Cottage cheese or Greek yoghurt – dairy is a great source of protein and you can stop worrying about bacon, eggs or ham by opting for the high levels of protein in low fat dairy products. Want to boost the taste? Add some soft fruit and berries to keep it healthy and delicious.


  • Eggs – there are so many benefits to eggs its untrue. Whilst this healthy breakfast favourite has been snubbed slightly in recent years, it’s coming back into fashion. It reduces calorie intake and helps you maintain steady blood sugar and insulin levels. Whilst you might be worried about cholesterol


  • Oatmeal – this one is a real favourite. The slow energy release of the fibres in oats can keep you going all day. Perfect for gluten free eaters, this cereal takes a long time to digest, promoting feelings of fullness throughout the day.


Eating and Exercise


Want a complete system of eating and exercise? Then the ideal place to come is EMS Fitness. Our trainers will take you through an individual diet plan, backed up by activity that will help you form the baseline of a healthy life, can support you in your weight loss goals and give you the energy and motivation to beat your challenges.