The personal training business is on the rise. An increasing number of people are now offering 1-2-1 PT and nutrition support services to help you get into a healthy mode. But what other benefits are there to setting up a plan with a personal trainer (PT)?

Form over Function

Some of the more challenging exercises such as squats, deadlifts and bench press are not for the faint of heart. You have to know how to lift, balance and manoeuvre the weights like a champion – and if you’re only just starting out then it’s hard to know what you’re doing right and what you’re not quite nailing. With the propensity of big weights to do serious damage to your body, doesn’t your health and future demand that you get it right? A personal trainer will quickly help you correct form and stay on target.

Get Through Your Workouts

It’s all too easy on a tough day to take a break. We can all find excuses not to work out, like we’re tired, haven’t eaten well or are stressed at work. Often these grumbles can turn into roaring complaints in the back of our minds when we’re going through the tougher end of our training in the gym. It’s easy to back out of that super set when no one’s watching. When you’ve paid for a trainer then they’re going to make you see it through. And guess what? You’ll feel amazing for pushing through that barrier.


Motivation is not an unlimited well of resources. Any single person only has so much get up and go in a single day. Once you’ve used up all your drive juice then you can often sack things off or leave them for later. When you have paid for a trainer, you’re accountable to someone. You have to turn up because you’ve booked the session – and if you don’t, there’s a very good chance the best trainers out there will ask you how serious you are… It’s about making your own commitment and sticking to it.

Get a Realistic Plan

Under self-steam it’s very easy to get started down the gym. You can usually find a few machines and exercise that you know well enough to compose a decent getting it started regime. However, over time this set of exercise is going to get boring and monotonous, whilst failing to give you the all over conditioning you’re after. Having a trainer keeps things fresh and interesting and provides you with a consistently changing workout that pushes you where you need to develop the most.

Lifestyle Advice

Most trainers have a “been there, seen it” experience to training and getting a healthy lifestyle. As a result they can help you out in a whole range of other areas of your life such as diet, sleep and attitude. Whilst some of these services might not be advertised – most trainers are happy to tell you what’s worked for them in the past on a road to good health –and can inspire you to do the same.

There’s More…

Want to work with a truly effective personal trainer with the power to help you move on with your fitness plan – then why not give EMS Fitness a call? We’ll be able to find a schedule of exercise that works with your lifestyle and can give you the basis to make the changes you want to achieve.