So many people turn up to work these days tired and fried from a lack of sleep. With today’s always on lifestyle never giving you a chance to gain a break it can be hard to switch off from phone, technology and the constant stream of work requests via email. However, if you want to get the most out of your life and fitness then there are several proven benefits to making sleep a priority.

You Can Battle Illness

When you are getting enough sleep those little sniffles and feelings at the back of your throat that could spell an oncoming cold seem to fade into nothing. When we are tired and overworked our immune system can suffer opening the door to minor infections and viruses. Needless to say when you’re experiencing a full 8 hours of good rest every night your immune system gets the boost it needs, which means fewer days off work and less coughs and sneezes.

You Can Maintain Weight

Quality sleep is linked to the production of the hormones ghrelin and leptin. Both of these are essential in controlling your appetite and hunger pangs and when reserves are depleted you can find yourself reaching for that sugary snack, packet of biscuits or cheeky sausage roll. When you are fully rested your levels of hunger and appetite should drop down to the normal levels and stop you from grabbing energy from food.

You Don’t Need Caffeine

We have talked before about caffeine on this blog and how it can lead to a negative cycle where you’re constantly chugging the java to find extra energy during the day. Although coffee, energy drinks and caffeinated soda can help you on the odd occasion, getting into a cycle can actually destroy your quality of sleep. Try going a few days without and breaking through the barrier. If you can break the habit you may find that you wake energised and without the need for your morning cuppa.

Less Stress and Anxiety

Modern life is difficult. Even though we have never been more advanced, our always on society is only ever a WhatsApp message, an email or a Facebook post away from us. Stress can seem to be everywhere you turn, and it’s vital that you approach these challenges with a level head. Or you might find yourself turning a bad situation into a worse one. Getting a good night’s sleep is essential to maintaining a good, balanced mood, whilst not giving into anger and irritability.

Sleep Equals Good Feeling

Getting a good night of shut eye is key to managing your mood and feeling great. When you have had a full 7-8 under the duvet you’re ready to take on the world. One of the key factors in ensuring good sleep is getting your head down at the same time every night and then waking up at the same time every morning.

And Exercise Helps You Sleep

A key component in ensuring you get the right amount of shut-eye every night is physical activity. Sitting around in front of screens all day can often over-stimulate the mind. Taking the time to do 40 minutes exercise, even going out for a walk around the block, will make all the difference to your sleep pattern.

And if you would like to develop a programme of exercise then why not talk to EMS Fitness? We can help you find a schedule of cardio, weights and functional training to give you a healthier lifestyle and a regular, balanced night’s rest.