Getting down the gym and launching into an exercise programme is one thing. However before you start with a vigorous session of cardio or throwing around the plates you may want to consider a warm up. – Dynamic stretching combined with a short, moderate cardio exercise may actually help improve the effectiveness of your work out.

In this post we look at some of the reasons why you should seriously warm up before you get into your more serious activity down at the gym.


  • Helps the Body Deliver Oxygen

Warming up gets the heart pumping and dilates the blood vessels allowing your cardio vascular system to get the vital oxygen to muscles to keep them active and prevent cramp. It also helps remove carbon dioxide from your body and gets the nutrients in your blood where they should be. By performing some basic exercises and gentle movements you get your heart and lungs primed for the bigger battles that are yet to come.

What’s more this practice also prevents your heart and other muscles from becoming stressed and fatigued, decreasing the amount of oxygen and blood they can push round your body.


  • Preparation for Stretching

Your muscles work better when they’re working. What do we mean by this? Well, if you start performing harsh stretching motions without warming up, especially under the duress of weights, it’s very for you to damage your tendons and ligaments. By gently performing stretches or taking in some simple exercise such as gentle rowing, cycling or running you can get your muscles primed for the stress that’s yet to come, ensuring that you give yourself the best chance of avoiding injury and body damage


  • Get Mentally Ready

Going through warm up exercises is not all about making sure that your body is raring to get involved in some exercise. It also helps you get ready mentally. Rather than launching straight into some big reps or a serious session on the treadmill, gentle warm ups are a good way of establishing a mental connection with your work out environment. They allow you to have that all important discussion in your head when you decide that you’re going to go for a big session and do your absolute best.


  • Feel the Heat

Warming up really does increase the temperature of your muscles. Where else did you think that the name came from? By performing basic exercises you promote the energy releasing reactions in your muscles that makes them more supple, pliable and ready for the strain of a serious cardio or weights session. This helps prevent injury and keeps your muscles stocked with the nutrients required for energy production.


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