Last time out we looked at emotional eating. Treating yourself when you feel good and stuffing your face when you feel bad is no way to live life and retain the health you need for all of your challenges. But then we had a thought. What is the normal way to eat? Or more importantly how can you maintain your energy level throughout the day without having to resort to junk food or finding yourself coming away with a multi-pack of Walkers crisps and buttered biscuits every time you leave the supermarket?

The Gomez Way

There is another way of eating. One of the most harmful things to maintaining a steady diet is forcing yourself to adhere to a three meals a day schedule. All too often people find themselves starving in the evening and that when they attack the fridge in full beast mode, stuffing in cheese and snacks whilst they consider what to put in the oven for the long term.

By eating more regularly during the day you can manage your hunger and energy levels and not turn into the ravenous creature that eternally wants to sate its hunger where-ever possible.

An Easy 5 Eat Plan

An example plan that allows you to eat throughout the day and avoid the big meal hunger is as follows

  • Eggs and toast with Spanish olive oil – start the day with the energy boost offered by eggs. Stay away from sugary supermarket bread, look for wholemeal or sourdough which contain no sugar. Don´t be fooled by the false branding of  “low fat” “healthy” cereals, a lot of varieties contain an alarming amount of sugar! The best cereal alternative to eggs is Wheetabix,
  • Fruit and nuts – during the morning when you feel a bit peckish, fruit gives you a little of nature’s goodness! As well as nuts which provides the fats and protien you need to make it through till lunch time!
  • Chicken, rice and vegetables – restock on all the vitals with a well balanced lunch that includes protein, carbohydrates, good fats and vitamins. Chicken or an alternative protein alternative (such as tofu) will keep you fueeling fuller for longer, Brown rice, complex carbohydrate which will release energy slowly, and vegetables like broccoli are full of nutrients.
  • Yoghurt and seeds – snack in the afternoon on some natural yoghurt and seeds. Ensure that you get good digestion on your lunchtime meal from the bacteria in yoghurt and glean extra energy from seeds.
  • Fish, quinoa and vegetables – finish the day with a light meal and protein giving you the energy you need for the evening and to settle down to a good night’s sleep.

The Greatest Enemy

The most troublesome factor we all have to contend with these days is sugar. One small cake or chocolate bar can spin your diet right out of control. It’s all down to the way that the body processes sugars in the liver rather than in the stomach. That’s why you can chow down on a ton of donuts and still feel hungry – and every time you have sugar again it creates an energy hole that the body wants to fill.

It might be hard, but if you want to regulate what you’re eating and master the pangs of hunger that can drive you to unnecessary binges and those disappointing breaks when you go against your instincts. Giving up sugar is also the key to keeping the weight off once you have taken it off.

Find Out More

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